Timetable for the 16A - Loughborough - Coalville Bus Route
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Timetable for 16A - Loughborough - Coalville Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Arriva Midlands (licensed as Arriva Midlands Ltd).

Start Date: 01/10/2019 - End Date: 03/04/2020

bus timetable 16A Loughborough - Coalville
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Map Showing the Routes of the 16A Loughborough - Coalville Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Loughborough - Coalville Service

MondayToFriday - inbound

Notes Schooldays only.
Stand HA, High Street, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:37
Stand BC, Baxter Gate, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:37
Stand FA, Fennel Street, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:38
Stand SA, Swan Street, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:40
Stand AA, Ashby Square, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:40
adj, Radmoor Road, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:41
o/s, Registry Office, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:43
opp, Gimson House, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:45
opp, Cotswold Close, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:46
opp, Schofield Road, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:47
opp, Blackbrook Road, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:48
opp, Booth Wood Primary School, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:48
opp, Hurstwood Road, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:49
opp, Windleden Road, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:50
opp, Ravensthorpe Drive, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:51
opp, Pitsford Drive, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:52
adj, Petrol Station, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire15:53
opp, Highways Department, Shepshed, Leicestershire15:58
o/s, Warehouse, Shepshed, Leicestershire16:00
adj, Cambridge Street, Shepshed, Leicestershire16:01
opp, Leicester Road, Shepshed, Leicestershire16:02
opp, Bull Ring, Shepshed, Leicestershire16:04
adj, Garendon Road, Shepshed, Leicestershire16:05
adj, Domont Close, Shepshed, Leicestershire16:06
o/s, Anson Road, Shepshed, Leicestershire16:07
adj, Old Station Close, Shepshed, Leicestershire16:07
ADJ, Iveshead Road, Shepshed, Leicestershire16:08
adj, Brick Kiln Lane, Shepshed, Leicestershire16:09
opp, Snarrows Road Hail & Ride, Thringstone, Leicestershire16:16
S-bound, Melrose Road, Thringstone, Leicestershire16:19
opp, John Street, Thringstone, Leicestershire16:20
adj, Brook Lane, Thringstone, Leicestershire16:20
adj, Talbot Lane, Whitwick, Leicestershire16:21
adj, Dumps Road, Whitwick, Leicestershire16:23
opp, Pares Close, Whitwick, Leicestershire16:23
opp, Church Lane, Whitwick, Leicestershire16:24
opp, Day Nursery, Whitwick, Leicestershire16:25
opp, Hermitage Leisure Centre, Whitwick, Leicestershire16:26
adj, Grove Road, Whitwick, Leicestershire16:27
Hermitage Court, Whitwick, Leicestershire16:27
SW-bound, Hermitage Road, Whitwick, Leicestershire16:28
SW-bound, Stephenson Way, Whitwick, Leicestershire16:29
adj, Albert Road, Coalville (Leics), Leicestershire16:31
opp, Ford Garage, Coalville (Leics), Leicestershire16:33
opp, Family Centre, Coalville (Leics), Leicestershire16:34
Stand 3, Memorial Square, Coalville (Leics), Leicestershire16:35

MondayToFriday - outbound

Stops Schooldays only.
Stand 3, Memorial Square, Coalville (Leics), Leicestershire07:35
o/s, Family Centre, Coalville (Leics), Leicestershire07:35
o/s, Ford Garage, Coalville (Leics), Leicestershire07:36
opp, Albert Road, Coalville (Leics), Leicestershire07:37
opp, Morrisons, Coalville (Leics), Leicestershire07:38
NE-bound, Stephenson Way, Whitwick, Leicestershire07:39
NE-bound, Hermitage Road, Whitwick, Leicestershire07:40
opp, Hermitage Court, Whitwick, Leicestershire07:40
opp, Grove Road, Whitwick, Leicestershire07:41
adj, Hermitage Leisure Centre, Whitwick, Leicestershire07:42
o/s, Day Nursery, Whitwick, Leicestershire07:43
adj, Church Lane, Whitwick, Leicestershire07:43
adj, Pares Close, Whitwick, Leicestershire07:44
opp, Dumps Road, Whitwick, Leicestershire07:44
opp, Talbot Lane, Whitwick, Leicestershire07:45
opp, Brook Lane, Thringstone, Leicestershire07:46
adj, John Street, Thringstone, Leicestershire07:47
opp, Melrose Road, Thringstone, Leicestershire07:48
adj, Snarrows Road, Thringstone, Leicestershire07:49
opp, Brick Kiln Lane, Shepshed, Leicestershire07:56
opp, Iveshead Road, Shepshed, Leicestershire07:57
opp, Old Station Close, Shepshed, Leicestershire07:57
opp, Anson Road, Shepshed, Leicestershire07:58
opp, Domont Close, Shepshed, Leicestershire07:58
opp, Garendon Road, Shepshed, Leicestershire07:59
o/s, Bull Ring, Shepshed, Leicestershire08:00
o/s, Sullington Road, Shepshed, Leicestershire08:00
o/s, Leicester Road, Shepshed, Leicestershire08:01
opp, Cambridge Street, Shepshed, Leicestershire08:02
opp, Ingleberry Road, Shepshed, Leicestershire08:02
adj, Highways Department, Shepshed, Leicestershire08:04
opp, Petrol Station, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire08:06
adj, Pitsford Drive, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire08:07
adj, Ravensthorpe Drive, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire08:08
adj, Windleden Road, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire08:08
adj, Hurstwood Road, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire08:08
o/s, Booth Wood Primary School, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire08:09
adj, Blackbrook Road, Loughborough (Leics), Leicestershire08:10

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.