Timetable for the 9 - Oakham - Stamford Bus Route
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Timetable for 9 - Oakham - Stamford Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Centrebus (licensed as Centrebus North Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 11/08/2020 End Date: 12/02/2021

bus timetable 9 Oakham - Stamford

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Oakham -> Barnsdale Hill -> Whitwell -> Empingham -> Tickencote -> Great Casterton -> Stamford

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Stamford -> Great Casterton -> Tickencote -> Empingham -> Whitwell -> Barnsdale Hill -> Oakham

Operator Information for Centrebus
Email Fares Twitter Address
help@centrebus.com 01164105050 @CentrebusLive 43 Wenlock Way, Leicester, LE4 9HU

Map Showing the Routes of the 9 Oakham - Stamford Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Oakham - Stamford Service

Week Days - inbound






Bay 2, Bus Station, Stamford (Lincs), Lincolnshire08:2310:3012:3014:30
opp, All Saints' Church, Stamford (Lincs), Lincolnshire08:2310:3012:3014:30
opp, Beverley Gardens, Stamford (Lincs), Lincolnshire08:2510:3212:3214:32
opp, Waverley Gardens, Stamford (Lincs), Lincolnshire08:2610:3312:3314:33
adj, Caledonian Road, Stamford (Lincs), Lincolnshire08:2710:3312:3314:33
adj, Ayr Close, Stamford (Lincs), Lincolnshire08:2710:3312:3314:33
opp, Belvoir Close, Stamford (Lincs), Lincolnshire08:2810:3412:3414:34
adj, Arran Road (North End), Stamford (Lincs), Lincolnshire08:2810:3512:3514:35
adj, Sidney Farm Lane, Stamford (Lincs), Lincolnshire08:2910:3512:3514:35
opp, Tolethorpe Hail & Ride, Great Casterton, Rutland08:3110:3712:3714:37
o/s, Church Hail & Ride, Great Casterton, Rutland08:3110:3712:3714:37
opp, The Plough, Great Casterton, Rutland08:3110:3712:3714:37
adj, Bus Shelter, Tickencote, Rutland08:3210:3812:3814:38
adj, School Lane, Empingham, Rutland08:3710:4212:4214:42
adj, Wiloughby Drive, Empingham, Rutland08:3710:4212:4214:42
opp, Exton Road, Empingham, Rutland08:3810:4312:4314:43
adj, Rutland Water Visitor Centre, Whitwell (Rutlnd), Rutland08:3910:4412:4414:44
opp, The Noel, Whitwell (Rutlnd), Rutland08:4110:4612:4614:46
opp, Barnsdale Avenue Hail & Ride, Barnsdale Hill, Rutland08:4410:4912:4914:49
opp, Sewage Works Hail & Ride, Oakham (Rutlnd), Rutland08:4910:5312:5314:53
opp, Market Place, Oakham (Rutlnd), Rutland08:5210:5612:5614:56
adj, Bus Station, Oakham (Rutlnd), Rutland08:5310:5712:5714:57

Week Days - outbound

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.