Timetable for the VL14 - Felmersham - Huntingdon - St. Ives Bus Route

Timetable for VL14 - Felmersham - Huntingdon - St. Ives Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Villager Community Bus (licensed as Villager Community Bus (Beds & Bucks)).

Timetable Start Date: 20/12/2021 End Date: 20/02/2022

bus timetable VL14 Felmersham - Huntingdon - St. Ives

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Felmersham -> Sharnbrook -> Bletsoe -> Milton Ernest -> Riseley -> Swineshead -> Melchbourne -> Upper Dean -> Shelton -> Lower Dean -> Tilbrook -> Kimbolton -> Stonely -> Staughton Green -> Dillington -> Perry -> Brampton -> Hinchingbrooke Park -> Huntingdon -> St Ives

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

St Ives -> Huntingdon -> Hinchingbrooke Park -> Brampton -> Perry -> Dillington -> Staughton Green -> Stonely -> Kimbolton -> Tilbrook -> Lower Dean -> Shelton -> Upper Dean -> Melchbourne -> Swineshead -> Riseley -> Milton Ernest -> Bletsoe -> Sharnbrook -> Felmersham

Map Showing the Routes of the VL14 Felmersham - Huntingdon - St. Ives Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Felmersham - Huntingdon - St. Ives Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - outbound

The Church, N-bound, The High Road, Felmersham08:50
Pinchmill Close, Stop C, Odell Road, Sharnbrook08:57
St Peter's Church, Stop T, Church Lane, Sharnbrook08:58
The Swan with Two Nicks, Stop M, High Street, Sharnbrook09:00
Mill Road, W-bound, Sharnbrook09:01
Bourne End Lane, adj, A6, Bletsoe09:03
Bletsoe Turn, adj, A6 (Bletsoe), Bletsoe09:05
The Queen's Head, opp, Bedford Road, Milton Ernest09:07
The Old White Horse, o/s, High Street, Riseley09:16
The Five Bells, opp, High Street, Riseley09:17
Keysoe Road, opp, High Street, Riseley09:18
Bowers Lane, opp, High Street, Riseley09:19
Margaret Beaufort School, opp, High Street, Riseley09:20
High Street, adj, Swineshead09:22
St Nicholas Church, opp, High Street, Swineshead09:23
Knotting Road, SW-bound, Melchbourne09:29
Brook Lane, adj, The Bridge, Upper Dean09:33
Aylott Close, adj, High Street, Upper Dean09:33
Shay Lane, adj, High Street, Upper Dean09:33
Village Junction, NE-bound, Shelton Road, Shelton09:37
Chestnut Farmhouse, opp, High Street, Lower Dean09:42
The White Horse, o/s, High Street, Tilbrook09:45
Church Lane, near, High Street, Tilbrook09:45
Castle Gardens, opp, Thrapston Road, Kimbolton09:47
St Andrew's Lane, near, High Street, Kimbolton09:48
Main Road, S-bound, Stonely09:49
Easton Road, near, Main Road, Stonely09:50
The Tavern PH, o/s, The Green, Staughton Green09:53
Agden Green Farm, opp, The Green, Dillington09:54
Chichester Way, opp, Crow Spinney Lane, Perry09:56
Orchard Lane, opp, Thrapston Road, Brampton10:07
Church Road, opp, Thrapston Road, Brampton10:07
Bromholme Lane, opp, Huntingdon Road, Brampton10:08
Playing Field, opp, Brampton Road, Hinchingbrooke Park10:09
Millfield Park, opp, Brampton Road, Huntingdon10:10
Bus Station, Bay 4, Market Road, St Ives10:25

Week Days - inbound

Bus Station, Bay 4, Market Road, St Ives14:15
Millfield Park, near, Brampton Road, Huntingdon14:30
Railway Station, near, Brampton Road, Huntingdon14:30
Playing Field, near, Brampton Road, Hinchingbrooke Park14:30
Bromholme Lane, near, Huntingdon Road, Brampton14:31
Church Road, near, Thrapston Road, Brampton14:32
Orchard Lane, near, Thrapston Road, Brampton14:33
Chichester Way, opp, Crow Spinney Lane, Perry14:44
Agden Green Farm, near, The Green, Dillington14:46
The Tavern PH, opp, The Green, Staughton Green14:46
Easton Road, opp, Main Road, Stonely14:50
Main Road, N-bound, Stonely14:50
St Andrew's Lane, opp, High Street, Kimbolton14:52
Castle Gardens, near, Thrapston Road, Kimbolton14:52
Church Lane, opp, High Street, Tilbrook14:54
The White Horse, opp, High Street, Tilbrook14:55
Chestnut Farmhouse, o/s, High Street, Lower Dean14:58
Village junction, SW-bound, Shelton Road, Shelton15:03
Shay Lane, opp, High Street, Upper Dean15:06
Aylott Close, opp, High Street, Upper Dean15:06
Brook Lane, opp, The Bridge, Upper Dean15:07
Knotting Road, NE-bound, Melchbourne15:11
St Nicholas Church, o/s, High Street, Swineshead15:17
High Street, opp, Swineshead15:17
Margaret Beaufort School, o/s, High Street, Riseley15:20
Bowers Lane, adj, High Street, Riseley15:20
The Barns, opp, High Street, Riseley15:22
The Five Bells, o/s, High Street, Riseley15:23
The Old White Horse, opp, High Street, Riseley15:23
The Queen's Head, o/s, Bedford Road, Milton Ernest15:33
Bletsoe Turn, opp, A6 (Bletsoe), Bletsoe15:35
Bourne End Lane, opp, A6 (Long Haydons), Bletsoe15:36
Mill Road, E-bound, Sharnbrook15:38
The Swan with Two Nicks, Stop N, High Street, Sharnbrook15:40
St Peter's Church, Stop S, Church Lane, Sharnbrook15:41
Pinchmill Close, Stop D, Odell Road, Sharnbrook15:42
The Church, S-bound, The High Road, Felmersham15:50

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.