Timetable for the 110 - Ely - Cottenham - Impington Bus Route

Timetable for 110 - Ely - Cottenham - Impington Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Mil-Ken Travel (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 16/08/2021

bus timetable 110 Ely - Cottenham - Impington

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Ely -> Little Thetford -> Wilburton -> Cottenham -> Rampton -> Histon -> Impington

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Impington -> Histon -> Cottenham -> Rampton -> Wilburton -> Little Thetford -> Ely

Map Showing the Routes of the 110 Ely - Cottenham - Impington Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Ely - Cottenham - Impington Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Highfield Road, near, Cambridge Road, Impington09:30
Pepys Terrace, opp, Cambridge Road, Impington09:31
Chivers Way, near, Station Road, Impington09:32
Poplar Road, near, Station Road, Histon09:32
Macfarlane Close, near, New Road, Impington09:34
Village College, opp, New Road, Impington09:35
Hereward Close, near, Impington Lane, Impington09:36
Pepys Terrace, near, Cambridge Road, Impington09:38
School Hill, near, High Street, Histon09:41
Winders Lane, opp, Church Street, Histon09:41
Barrowcrofts, near, Cottenham Road, Histon09:42
Parlour Close, opp, Cottenham Road, Histon09:43
Glebe Way, opp, Cottenham Road, Histon09:43
Cottenham Road, o/s 123, Histon09:44
Bromlea, opp, Cottenham Road, Histon09:45
Apple Tree Close, opp, Histon Road, Cottenham09:48
Pastures, opp, Histon Road, Cottenham09:48
Between Close Drove, opp, Histon Road, Cottenham09:49
The Green, opp, High Street, Cottenham09:50
Oakington Road, near, Rampton Road, Cottenham09:50
Allotment Gardens, opp, Rampton Road, Cottenham09:51
Rampton Road, o/s 137, Cottenham09:51
King Street, opp, The Green, Rampton09:53
Rampton Road, opp 137, Cottenham09:55
Allotment Gardens, near, Rampton Road, Cottenham09:55
Oakington Road, opp, Rampton Road, Cottenham09:56
The Green, near, High Street, Cottenham09:56
Bramley Close, opp, High Street, Cottenham09:57
Denmark Road, opp, High Street, Cottenham09:58
Telegraph Street, near, Denmark Road, Cottenham09:59
Lambs Lane, near, High Street, Cottenham09:59
Rooks Street, opp, High Street, Cottenham10:00
Broad Lane, near, High Street, Cottenham10:00
Ivatt Street, near, High Street, Cottenham10:01
Church Close, opp, High Street, Cottenham10:01
Brookfield Business Centre, near, Twenty Pence Road, Cottenham10:02
Station Road, near, High Street, Wilburton10:09
Millfield Place, opp, Stretham Road, Wilburton10:10
Ely Road, opp, Little Thetford10:16
Tower Road, near, Cambridge Road, Ely10:21
Mariott Drive, adj, Cambridge Road, Ely10:22
W Fen Road, near, St Mary's Street, Ely10:23
Newnham Street, opp, Nutholt Lane, Ely10:24
Market Street, Stop B, Ely10:25

Week Days - outbound

Market Street, Stop B, Ely13:15
W Fen Road, opp, St Mary's Street, Ely13:16
Mariott Drive, opp, Cambridge Road, Ely13:17
Tower Road, opp, Cambridge Road, Ely13:18
Ely Road, o/s, Little Thetford13:23
Millfield Place, near, Stretham Road, Wilburton13:30
Station Road, opp, High Street, Wilburton13:31
Brookfield Business Centre, opp, Twenty Pence Road, Cottenham13:38
Church Close, near, High Street, Cottenham13:39
Ivatt Street, opp, High Street, Cottenham13:39
Broad Lane, opp, High Street, Cottenham13:40
Rooks Street, near, High Street, Cottenham13:40
Lambs Lane, opp, High Street, Cottenham13:41
Telegraph Street, opp, Denmark Road, Cottenham13:41
Denmark Road, near, High Street, Cottenham13:42
Bramley Close, near, High Street, Cottenham13:43
The Green, opp, High Street, Cottenham13:44
Oakington Road, near, Rampton Road, Cottenham13:44
Allotment Gardens, opp, Rampton Road, Cottenham13:45
Rampton Road, o/s 137, Cottenham13:45
King Street, near, The Green, Rampton13:47
Rampton Road, opp 137, Cottenham13:49
Allotment Gardens, near, Rampton Road, Cottenham13:49
Oakington Road, opp, Rampton Road, Cottenham13:50
The Green, near, High Street, Cottenham13:50
Between Close Drove, near, Histon Road, Cottenham13:51
Pastures, near, Histon Road, Cottenham13:52
Apple Tree Close, near, Histon Road, Cottenham13:52
Bromlea, near, Cottenham Road, Histon13:55
Cottenham Road, o/s 132, Histon13:56
Glebe Way, near, Cottenham Road, Histon13:57
Parlour Close, near, Cottenham Road, Histon13:57
Barrowcrofts, opp, Cottenham Road, Histon13:58
Winders Lane, near, Church Street, Histon13:59
School Hill, opp, High Street, Histon13:59
Station Road, opp, High Street, Histon14:00
Hereward Close, opp, Impington Lane, Impington14:02
Village College, o/s, New Road, Impington14:05
Macfarlane Close, opp, New Road, Impington14:06
Poplar Road, opp, Station Road, Histon14:08
Chivers Way, opp, Station Road, Impington14:08
Pepys Terrace, near, Cambridge Road, Impington14:09
Highfield Road, opp, Cambridge Road, Impington14:10

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