Timetable for the X2 - Huntingdon - Papworth Everard - Cambridge Biomedical Campus Bus Route

Timetable for X2 - Huntingdon - Papworth Everard - Cambridge Biomedical Campus Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Whippet Coaches (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 09/11/2020

bus timetable X2 Huntingdon - Papworth Everard - Cambridge Biomedical Campus

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Huntingdon -> Godmanchester -> Lattenbury Hill -> Trumpington -> Addenbrooke's -> Cambridge

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Cambridge -> Addenbrooke's -> Trumpington -> Coton -> Cambourne -> Lower Cambourne -> Caxton Gibbet -> Papworth Everard -> Lattenbury Hill -> Godmanchester -> Huntingdon -> Hinchingbrooke Park

Map Showing the Routes of the X2 Huntingdon - Papworth Everard - Cambridge Biomedical Campus Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Huntingdon - Papworth Everard - Cambridge Biomedical Campus Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Railway Station, Stop 2, Station Place, Cambridge16:1317:19
Hills Rd 6th Form Col, opp, Hills Road, Cambridge16:1617:22
Blinco Grove, near, Hills Road, Cambridge16:1717:23
Perse School, opp, Hills Road, Cambridge16:1917:25
Robinson Way, near, Long Road, Cambridge16:2217:28
Long Rd 6th Form Coll, opp, Robinson Way, Cambridge16:2317:29
Francis Crick Avenue, near, Addenbrooke's08:2216:2317:29
Dame Mary Archer Way, opp, Addenbrooke's16:2517:31
Hospital Outpatients, o/s, Addenbrooke's08:1716:3017:36
Puddicombe Way, near, Addenbrooke's08:1916:3217:38
Francis Crick Avenue, near, Addenbrooke's16:3517:41
Whittle Avenue, opp, Addenbrooke's Road, Trumpington08:2516:4117:47
Hobson Avenue, opp, Addenbrookes Road, Trumpington08:2716:4417:50
Glebe Farm Drive, opp, Addenbrookes Road, Trumpington08:2916:4717:53
Cambridge Road, near, Madingley Road, Coton08:3716:5918:05
American Cemetery, opp, Madingley Road, Coton08:4017:0418:10
Inglewood, near, Madingley Road, Coton08:4017:0418:10
Business Park, opp, Cambourne Road, Cambourne08:5017:1318:19
De La Warr Way, near, Broad Street, Cambourne08:5117:1418:20
Monkfield Park Primary School, near, School Lane, Cambourne08:5117:1418:20
Oaks Wood, opp, School Lane, Cambourne08:5117:1518:21
Apley Way, opp, School Lane, Lower Cambourne08:5217:1618:22
Woodfield Lane, opp, School Lane, Lower Cambourne08:5317:1718:23
St Neots Road, opp, Ermine St South, Caxton Gibbet08:5817:2218:28
Ermine Street, N-bound, Papworth Everard09:0117:2518:31
Papworth Hospital, opp, Ermine Street, Papworth Everard09:0117:2518:31
Elm Way, near, Ermine Street, Papworth Everard09:0217:2618:32
Wood Lane, opp, Ermine Street, Papworth Everard09:0417:2818:34
Wood Green Animal Shelter, opp, Ermine Street, Lattenbury Hill09:1217:3618:42
London Road, near, A1198, Godmanchester09:1517:3918:45
Meadow Way, near, Cambridge Road, Godmanchester09:1617:4018:46
York Close, opp, Tudor Road, Godmanchester09:1717:4118:47
Fairey Avenue, opp, Tudor Road, Godmanchester09:1717:4118:47
Windsor Road, near, Tudor Road, Godmanchester09:1717:4118:47
Dovehouse Close, near, Tudor Road, Godmanchester09:1817:4218:48
Lions Cross, near, Tudor Road, Godmanchester09:1817:4218:48
Sweetings Road, near, London Road, Godmanchester09:1917:4318:49
London Road, o/s 14, Godmanchester09:2017:4318:49
Silver Street, near, Old Court Hall, Godmanchester09:2117:4518:50
Church Place, opp, Post Street, Godmanchester09:2217:4618:51
Park Lane, opp, The Avenue, Godmanchester09:2417:4718:52
Bus Station, Bay 6, Princes Street, Huntingdon09:3017:5118:55
Millfield Park, near, Brampton Road, Huntingdon09:3117:52
Railway Station, near, Brampton Road, Huntingdon09:3217:53
Playing Field, near, Brampton Road, Hinchingbrooke Park09:3217:53
Snowdonia Way, near, Hinchingbrooke Park Rd, Hinchingbrooke Park09:3417:55
Hinchingbrooke Hospital, o/s, Hinchingbrooke Park Road, Hinchingbrooke Park09:3617:57

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.