Timetable for the 6A - Great Yarmouth - Burgh Castle Bus Route

Timetable for 6A - Great Yarmouth - Burgh Castle Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by First Eastern Counties (licensed as First Eastern Counties Buses Limited).

Timetable Start Date: 19/12/2021 End Date: 25/12/2021

bus timetable 6A Great Yarmouth - Burgh Castle

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Great Yarmouth -> Gorleston -> Bradwell -> Burgh Castle

Map Showing the Routes of the 6A Great Yarmouth - Burgh Castle Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Great Yarmouth - Burgh Castle Service

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Week Days - outbound

Market Gates, Stand B, Great Yarmouth17:3517:3517:35
Town Hall, adj, Regent Street, Great Yarmouth17:3717:3717:37
Southtown Road, adj, Bridge Road, Great Yarmouth17:3717:3717:37
St. Mary's Church, os, Southtown Road, Great Yarmouth17:3817:3817:38
St Marys Lane, adj, Southtown Road, Great Yarmouth17:3917:3917:39
Gordon Road, opp, Southtown Road, Great Yarmouth17:4017:4017:40
Rumbold Arms, opp, Southtown Road, Great Yarmouth17:4117:4117:41
Waveney Road, opp, Southtown Road, Great Yarmouth17:4117:4117:41
Alpha Road, opp, Beccles Road, Gorleston17:4317:4317:43
Ferry Side, adj, High Road, Gorleston17:4317:4317:43
Addison Road, opp, High Road, Gorleston17:4417:4417:44
Trafalgar Road, opp, High Street, Gorleston17:4517:4517:45
School Lane, opp, High Street, Gorleston17:4517:4517:45
Town Centre, S-bound, High Street, Gorleston17:4717:4717:47
Roslyn Road, adj, Church Lane, Gorleston17:4717:4717:47
East Norfolk Sixth Form Centre, adj, Church Lane, Gorleston17:4817:4817:48
The Vetinary Hospital, adj, Church Lane, Gorleston17:4917:4917:49
Kings Road, adj, Crab Lane, Gorleston17:5017:5017:50
Chestnut Avenue, adj, Crab Lane, Bradwell17:5117:5117:51
Crab Lane, adj, Beccles Road, Bradwell17:5217:5217:52
post office, adj, Beccles Road, Bradwell17:5317:5317:53
Homefield First School, opp, Church Lane, Bradwell17:5417:5417:54
Hillside School, opp, Lords Lane, Bradwell17:5717:5717:57
Kingfisher Close, opp, Mill Lane, Bradwell18:0018:0018:00
Harpers Lane, opp, Burgh Road, Bradwell18:0118:0118:01
Blue Sky Gardens, adj, Market Road, Bradwell18:0318:0318:03
Cherry Tree, opp, Mill Road, Bradwell18:0718:0718:07
Louis Dahl Road, opp, Butt Lane, Burgh Castle18:0918:0918:09
Post Office, adj, Butt Lane, Burgh Castle18:1018:1018:10
Coronation Terrace, opp, Butt Lane, Burgh Castle18:1118:1118:11
Queens Head, adj, Back Lane, Burgh Castle18:1218:1218:12
Burgh House, opp, High Road, Burgh Castle18:1218:1218:12
Blue Sky Gardens, opp, Market Road, Bradwell18:1618:1618:16

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