Timetable for the 70 - Ipswich - Woodbridge Bus Route

Timetable for 70 - Ipswich - Woodbridge Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by First Eastern Counties (licensed as First Eastern Counties Buses Limited).

Timetable Start Date: 19/12/2021 End Date: 25/12/2021

bus timetable 70 Ipswich - Woodbridge

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Ipswich -> St Margarets -> Red House Farm -> Tuddenham St Martin -> Culpho -> Grundisburgh -> Clopton -> Clopton Corner -> Charsfield -> Dallinghoo -> Bredfield -> Hasketon -> Woodbridge

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Woodbridge -> Hasketon -> Bredfield -> Dallinghoo -> Charsfield -> Clopton -> Clopton Corner -> Grundisburgh -> Culpho -> Tuddenham St Martin -> Red House Farm -> Ipswich -> St Margarets

Map Showing the Routes of the 70 Ipswich - Woodbridge Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Ipswich - Woodbridge Service

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Week Days - inbound

Turban Centre, S-bound, Hamblin Road, Woodbridge07:1507:1509:1509:15
The Crown, opp, Quay Street, Woodbridge07:1607:1609:1609:16
Museum, adj, Market Hill, Woodbridge07:1707:1709:1709:17
St Marys, o/s, Burkitt Road, Woodbridge07:1907:1909:1909:19
Conach Road, Adjacent, Grundisburgh Road, Woodbridge07:1907:1909:1909:19
Naunton Road, Adjacent, Grundisburgh Road, Woodbridge07:2007:2009:2009:20
Russell Close, Adjacent, Manor Road, Woodbridge07:2207:2209:2209:22
Church, adj, Blacksmiths Road, Hasketon07:2507:2509:2509:25
Chapel, Adjacent, Woodbridge Road, Bredfield07:2907:2909:2909:29
Ufford Road, Opposite, The Street, Bredfield07:3007:3009:3009:30
Jubilee Hall, Adjacent, Pound Hill, Dallinghoo07:3407:3409:3409:34
Village Hall, Opposite, The Street, Charsfield07:3907:3909:3909:39
Commercial Park, Adjacent, B1078, Clopton07:4507:4509:4509:45
Bus Shelter, Adjacent, B1078, Clopton Corner07:4707:4709:4709:47
Potash Farm, Opposite, B1079, Clopton07:4907:4909:4909:49
Red House, adj, Grundisburgh Road, Clopton07:5007:5009:5009:50
War Memorial, adj, B1079, Clopton07:5107:5109:5109:51
Workshop Cottage, adj, Woodbridge Road, Grundisburgh07:5507:5509:5509:55
The Dog, adj, The Green, Grundisburgh07:5607:5609:5609:56
Village Hall, adj, Ipswich Road, Grundisburgh07:5707:5709:5709:57
Park Road, adj, Ipswich Road, Grundisburgh07:5707:5709:5709:57
Church, opp, Unclassified, Culpho08:0108:0110:0110:01
Fountain, Adjacent, Tuddenham St Martin08:0308:0310:0310:03
The Church, opp, The Street, Tuddenham St Martin08:0308:0310:0310:03
Millennium Cemetery, opp, Red House Farm08:0608:0610:0610:06
Dorset Close, adj, Red House Farm08:0708:0710:0710:07
Bromeswell Road, opp, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich08:0808:0810:0810:08
Tuddenham Road, Opposite, Ipswich08:0808:0810:0810:08
The Albany, adj, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich08:0908:0910:0910:09
Belvedere Road, adj, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich08:1008:1010:1010:10
Gainsborough Road, opp, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich08:1008:1010:1010:10
Hervey Street, adj, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich08:1108:1110:1110:11
Christchurch Street, Adjacent, Ipswich08:1208:1210:1210:12
Soane Street, opp, St Margarets Green, St Margarets08:1308:1310:1310:13
Tower Ramparts Bus Station, Stand FF, Ipswich08:1408:1410:1410:14
Museum Street, Stand 1, High Street, Ipswich08:1608:1610:1610:16
Willis Building, opp, Ipswich08:1808:1810:1810:18
Old Cattle Market Bus Station, Stand F, Old Cattle Market, Ipswich08:1908:1910:1910:19

Week Days - outbound

Old Cattle Market Bus Station, Stand F, Old Cattle Market, Ipswich14:3014:3016:0016:0018:0018:00
Northgate Street, adj, Great Colman Street, Ipswich14:3214:3216:0216:0218:0218:02
Soane Street, Adjacent, St Margarets Green, St Margarets14:3314:3316:0316:0318:0318:03
Christchurch Street, Opposite, Ipswich14:3414:3416:0416:0418:0418:04
Hervey Street, opp, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich14:3414:3416:0416:0418:0418:04
Gainsborough Road, adj, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich14:3514:3516:0516:0518:0518:05
Belvedere Road, opp, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich14:3614:3616:0616:0618:0618:06
The Albany, opp, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich14:3714:3716:0716:0718:0718:07
Tuddenham Road, Adjacent, Ipswich14:3814:3816:0816:0818:0818:08
Bromeswell Road, adj, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich14:3814:3816:0816:0818:0818:08
Dorset Close, opp, Red House Farm14:3914:3916:0916:0918:0918:09
Millennium Cemetery, adj, Red House Farm14:4014:4016:1016:1018:1018:10
The Church, adj, The Street, Tuddenham St Martin14:4414:4416:1416:1418:1418:14
Fountain, opp, Tuddenham St Martin14:4414:4416:1416:1418:1418:14
Church, adj, Unclassified, Culpho14:4514:4516:1516:1518:1518:15
Park Road, opp, Ipswich Road, Grundisburgh14:4914:4916:1916:1918:1918:19
Village Hall, opp, Ipswich Road, Grundisburgh14:4914:4916:1916:1918:1918:19
The Dog, opp, The Green, Grundisburgh14:5014:5016:2016:2018:2018:20
Basketmakers Cottage, opp, Woodbridge Road, Grundisburgh14:5114:5116:2116:2118:2118:21
War Memorial, opp, B1079, Clopton14:5414:5416:2416:2418:2418:24
Red House, opp, Grundisburgh Road, Clopton14:5514:5516:2516:2518:2518:25
Potash Farm, Adjacent, B1079, Clopton14:5614:5616:2616:2618:2618:26
Shelter, Opposite, B1078, Clopton Corner14:5814:5816:2816:2818:2818:28
Commercial Park, Opposite, B1078, Clopton15:0015:0016:3016:3018:3018:30
Village Hall, Adjacent, The Street, Charsfield15:0415:0416:3416:3418:3418:34
Jubilee Hall, Opposite, Pound Hill, Dallinghoo15:0915:0916:3916:3918:3918:39
Ufford Road, Adjacent, The Street, Bredfield15:1515:1516:4516:4518:4518:45
Chapel, Opposite, Woodbridge Road, Bredfield15:1615:1616:4616:4618:4618:46
Church, opp, Blacksmiths Road, Hasketon15:2015:2016:5016:5018:5018:50
Russell Close, Opposite, Manor Road, Woodbridge15:2215:2216:5216:5218:5218:52
Naunton Road, Opposite, Grunsburgh Road, Woodbridge15:2615:2616:5616:5618:5618:56
Conach Road, Opposite, Grundisburgh Road, Woodbridge15:2615:2616:5616:5618:5618:56
St Marys, opp, Burkitt Road, Woodbridge15:2715:2716:5716:5718:5718:57
Museum, opp, Market Hill, Woodbridge15:2815:2816:5816:5818:5818:58
Church, adj, St Johns Street, Woodbridge15:2915:2916:5916:5918:5918:59
Turban Centre, N-bound, Hamblin Road, Woodbridge15:3015:3017:0017:0019:0019:00

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.