Timetable for the 127 - Newcastleton - Langholm Bus Route

Timetable for 127 - Newcastleton - Langholm Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Telfords Coaches (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 10/08/2020 End Date: 20/04/2023

bus timetable 127 Newcastleton - Langholm

Map Showing the Routes of the 127 Newcastleton - Langholm Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Newcastleton - Langholm Service

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Week Days - outbound

Douglas Square, Opp07:0007:0007:0007:0008:0508:0512:25
Under Burnmouth Farm, Opp, B639907:0607:0607:0607:0608:1108:1112:31
Longrow Rd End, At, B635707:1007:1007:1007:1008:1508:1512:35
Linns View, opp, B635707:1507:1507:1507:1508:2008:2012:40
Village, Liddel Bank, Main Street07:1707:1707:1707:1708:2208:2212:42
Village, opp Post Office, B635707:2007:2007:2007:2008:2508:2512:45
Watchhill, at road end, B635707:2007:2007:2007:2008:2508:2512:45
Village, Shelter, Main Street07:2407:2407:2407:2412:49
Hagg, Road End, A707:2607:2607:2607:2608:2908:2912:51
Auchenrivock, Road End, A707:2807:2807:2807:2812:53
Skippers Br, Murtholm, A707:3107:3107:3107:3108:3508:3512:56
Flats, o/s flats, High Street07:3207:3207:3207:3208:3608:3612:57
High Street, opp07:3307:3307:3307:3308:3708:3712:58
Academy, opp Academy, Thomas Telford Road08:3808:38

Week Days - inbound

Academy, o/s Academy, Thomas Telford Road15:3515:35
Post Office, o/s PO, High Street13:0015:3615:3617:0517:0517:0517:05
Flats, opp flats, High Street13:0015:3615:3617:0517:0517:0517:05
Skippers Br, opp Murtholm, A713:0115:3715:3717:0617:0617:0617:06
Auchenrivock, opp Road End, A713:0517:1017:1017:1017:10
Hagg, opp Road End, A713:0615:4315:4317:1117:1117:1117:11
Watchhill, opp road end, B635715:4715:47
Village, opp Shelter, Main Street13:0917:1417:1417:1417:14
Gilnockie Bridge, South, U24913:0917:1417:1417:1417:14
Village, Post Office, B635713:1315:4815:4817:1817:1817:1817:18
Village, opp Liddel Bank, Main Street13:1615:5115:5117:2117:2117:2117:21
Linns View, at, B635713:1815:5315:5317:2317:2317:2317:23
Longrow Rd End, Opp, B635713:2215:5715:5717:2717:2717:2717:27
Under Burnmouth Farm, O/s, B639913:2616:0116:0117:3117:3117:3117:31
Douglas Square, At13:3316:0816:0817:3817:3817:3817:38

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.