Timetable for the N31 - Bonnyrigg - Edinburgh Bus Route

Timetable for N31 - Bonnyrigg - Edinburgh Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Lothian Buses (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 31/01/2022 End Date: 31/12/2049

bus timetable N31 Bonnyrigg - Edinburgh

Map Showing the Routes of the N31 Bonnyrigg - Edinburgh Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Bonnyrigg - Edinburgh Service

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Week Days - outbound

West Maitland Street, Stop HC00:2000:2001:3001:3501:35
Shandwick Place, Stop SA00:2200:2201:3201:3701:37
Princes Street (west), Stop PC, Princes Street00:2400:2401:3401:3901:39
Princes Street (Scott Mon.), Stop PJ, Princes Street00:2600:2601:3601:4101:41
North Bridge, Stop NC00:3000:3001:4001:4501:45
South Bridge, S-bound 200:3100:3101:4101:4601:46
Surgeons' Hall, after, Nicolson Street00:3200:3201:4201:4701:47
St Patrick Square, after, Clerk Street00:3300:3301:4301:4801:48
Bernard Terrace, after, South Clerk Street00:3400:3401:4401:4901:49
Newington Road, SE-bound00:3400:3401:4401:4901:49
Salisbury Place, opp, Minto Street00:3500:3501:4501:5001:50
Minto Street, SE-bound00:3600:3601:4601:5101:51
Mayfield Gardens, SE-bound00:3700:3701:4701:5201:52
East Savile Road, before, Craigmillar Park00:3700:3701:4701:5201:52
Suffolk Road, NW-bound, Craigmillar Park00:3800:3801:4801:5301:53
Lady Road, after, Liberton Road00:3900:3901:4901:5401:54
Gordon Terrace, opp, LIBERTON ROAD00:4000:4001:5001:5501:55
Mossgiel Walk, at, Kirk Brae00:4100:4101:5101:5601:56
Kirk Park, opp, Kirk Brae00:4200:4201:5201:5701:57
Kirkgate, after, Kirk Brae00:4200:4201:5201:5701:57
Yewlands Gardens, at, Lasswade Road00:4300:4301:5301:5801:58
Malbet Park, before, Lasswade Road00:4300:4301:5301:5801:58
Liberton Hospital, at, Lasswade Road00:4400:4401:5401:5901:59
Ellen's Glen Road, before, Lasswade Road00:4400:4401:5401:5901:59
Gracemount High School, opp, Lasswade Road00:4500:4501:5502:0002:00
Gilmerton Dykes Street, before, Lasswade Road00:4500:4501:5502:0002:00
The Murrays, opp, Lasswade Road00:4600:4601:5602:0102:01
Gilmerton Dykes Road, at, Lasswade Road00:4600:4601:5602:0102:01
West Edge Farm, opp, Lasswade Road00:4700:4701:5702:0202:02
Wester Melville, opp, Lasswade Road00:4800:4801:5802:0302:03
Lasswade Road, E-bound00:4900:4901:5902:0402:04
Laird and Dog, opp, High Street00:5000:5002:0002:0502:05
Elm Row, NE-bound00:5000:5002:0002:0502:05
Broomieknowe Gardens, at, Hillhead00:5100:5102:0102:0602:06
Rockville Terrace, opp, High Street00:5200:5202:0202:0702:07
Park Road, opp, High Street00:5200:5202:0202:0702:07
Bonnyrigg Toll, at, Dundas Street00:5300:5302:0302:0802:08
Waverley Terrace, at, Dundas Street00:5300:5302:0302:0802:08
Wolsey Avenue, near, Cockpen Road00:5400:5402:0402:0902:09
Bairds Way, at, Cockpen Road00:5400:5402:0402:0902:09
Brixwold Bank, at, Cockpen Road00:5500:5502:0502:1002:10
Burnbrae Road, opp, Hopefield Access Road00:5600:5602:0602:1102:11
Sawmill Terrace, opp, Burnbrae Road00:5700:5702:0702:1202:12
Burnbrae Walk, at, Burnbrae Road00:5700:5702:0702:1202:12
Burnbrae Avenue, near, Burnbrae Terrace00:5800:5802:0802:1302:13

Week Days - inbound

Burnbrae Avenue, near, Burnbrae Terrace00:5900:5902:0902:1402:14
Dalhousie Chesters, opp, Rosewell Road01:0201:0202:1202:1702:17
Cockpen Place, opp, Rosewell Road01:0201:0202:1202:1702:17
Skeltiemuir Avenue, opp, Rosewell Road01:0301:0302:1302:1802:18
Hopefield Place, at, Rosewell Road01:0301:0302:1302:1802:18
Hazel Drive, opp, Polton Road01:0301:0302:1302:1802:18
Dobbies Road, at, Polton Street01:0401:0402:1402:1902:19
High Street, at01:0401:0402:1402:1902:19
Park Road, at, High Street01:0401:04
Rockville Terrace, at, High Street01:0401:04
Broomieknowe Gardens, opp, Hillhead01:0501:05
Elm Row, SW-bound01:0501:05
Laird and Dog, at, High Street01:0601:06
Lasswade Road, W-bound01:0601:06
Haveral Wood, at, Lasswade Road01:0701:07
Gilmerton Dykes Road, opp, Lasswade Road01:0901:09
The Murrays, adj, Lasswade Road01:0901:09
Gilmerton Dykes Street, after, Lasswade Road01:1001:10
Gracemount High School, at, Lasswade Road01:1001:10
Ellen's Glen Road, opp, Lasswade Road01:1101:11
Liberton Hospital, opp, Lasswade Road01:1101:11
Malbet Park, opp, Lasswade Road01:1101:11
Yewlands Gardens, after, Lasswade Road01:1101:11
Kirk Park, near, Kirk Brae01:1201:12
Mossgiel Walk, opp, Kirk Brae01:1301:13
Gordon Terrace, near, Liberton Road01:1301:13
Mid Liberton, opp, Liberton Road01:1401:14
Lady Road, opp, Liberton Road01:1401:14
Suffolk Road, SE-bound, Craigmillar Park01:1501:15
East Savile Road, after, Craigmillar Park01:1501:15
Mayfield Gardens, NW-bound01:1601:16
Minto Street, NW-bound, MINTO STREET01:1701:17
Salisbury Place, before, Minto Street01:1701:17
Newington Road, NW-bound01:1801:18
Bernard Terrace, opp, South Clerk Street01:1801:18
St Patrick Square, at, Clerk Street01:1901:19
Surgeons' Hall, opp, Nicolson Street01:2001:20
National Museum of Scotland, at, Chambers Street01:2101:21
Victoria Street, before, George IV Bridge01:2201:22
The Mound (foot), Stop MB, The Mound01:2401:24
Princes Street (Scott Mon.), Stop PT, Princes Street01:2601:26

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