Timetable for the N44 - Balerno - Edinburgh Bus Route

Timetable for N44 - Balerno - Edinburgh Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Lothian Buses (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 31/01/2022 End Date: 31/12/2049

bus timetable N44 Balerno - Edinburgh

Map Showing the Routes of the N44 Balerno - Edinburgh Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Balerno - Edinburgh Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - outbound

Cockburn Crescent, at01:0402:04
Marchbank Drive, after, Mansfield Road01:0502:05
Balerno Main Street, N-bound, Bavelaw Road01:0602:06
Bavelaw Gardens, after, Bavelaw Road01:0602:06
Balerno High School, opp, Bridge Road01:0602:06
Lanark Road West, before, Bridge Road01:0702:07
Newmills Road, after, Lanark Road West01:0802:08
Stewart Road, before, Lanark Road West01:0902:09
Kinauld House, opp, Lanark Road West01:1002:10
Dolphin Avenue, after, Lanark Road West01:1002:10
Pentland View Court, at, Lanark Road West01:1102:11
Currie Library, after, Lanark Road West01:1102:11
Easter Currie Court, after, LANARK ROAD WEST01:1102:11
Bryce Road, after, Lanark Road West01:1202:12
Nether Currie, at, Lanark Road West01:1202:12
Muir Wood Road, before, Lanark Road West01:1302:13
Juniper Avenue, near, Lanark Road01:1302:13
Juniperlee, after, Lanark Road01:1402:14
Baberton Avenue, before, Lanark Road01:1402:14
Juniper Green Kirk, at, Lanark Road01:1502:14
Foulis Crescent, after, Lanark Road01:1502:15
Muirend Avenue, near, Lanark Road01:1502:15
Spylaw Park, opp, Lanark Road01:1602:15
Spylaw Bank Road, opp, Lanark Road01:1602:16
Hailes Grove, opp, Lanark Road01:1702:16
Kingsknowe Road South, before, Lanark Road01:1702:17
Dovecot Park, opp, Lanark Road01:1702:17
Kingsknowe Park, after, Lanark Road01:1802:17
Dovecot Grove, after, Lanark Road01:1802:17
Redhall View, opp, Lanark Road01:1802:18
Water of Leith Centre, opp, LANARK ROAD02:18
Inglis Green Road, NW-bound02:19
Longstone Park, after, Longstone Road02:19
Longstone Crescent, opp, Longstone Road02:20
Water of Leith Centre, before, Lanark Road01:19
Allan Park Road, opp, Slateford Road01:19
Slateford Station, after, Slateford Road01:20
Hutchison Place, before, Slateford Road01:20
Hutchison Crossway, before, Slateford Road01:21
Moat Drive, after, Slateford Road01:22
Shandon Place, opp, SLATEFORD ROAD01:23
St Michaels Church, opp, Slateford Road01:23
Springwell House, before, Ardmillan Terrace01:24
Murieston Crescent, before, Dalry Road01:25
Dalry Primary School, before, Dalry Road01:25
Caledonian Village, near, Dalry Road01:26
Haymarket Station, Stop HA, Dalry Road01:27
West Maitland Street, Stop HC01:27

Week Days - inbound

Princes Street (Scott Mon.), Stop PT, Princes Street00:3001:30
Princes Street (west), Stop PY, Princes Street00:3201:32
Shandwick Place, Stop SF00:3401:34
Atholl Crescent, Stop SG, WEST MAITLAND STREET00:3501:35
Haymarket Station, Stop HG, DALRY ROAD00:3701:37
Caledonian Village, opp, Dalry Road00:3801:38
Dalry Primary School, opp, Dalry Road00:3901:39
Murieston Crescent, opp, Dalry Road00:3901:39
Springwell House, opp, Ardmillan Terrace00:3901:39
St Michaels Church, at, Slateford Road00:4001:40
Shandon Place, before, Slateford Road00:4101:41
Hermand Street, before, Slateford Road00:4201:42
Hutchison Crossway, opp, Slateford Road00:4301:43
Hutchison Place, opp, Slateford Road00:4301:43
Slateford Station, before, Slateford Road00:4401:44
Allan Park Road, after, Slateford Road00:4401:44
Slateford House, near, Lanark Road00:4501:45
Redhall View, after, Lanark Road00:4601:46
Dovecot Grove, before, Lanark Road00:4601:46
Kingsknowe Park, opp, Lanark Road00:4701:47
Dovecot Park, after, Lanark Road00:4701:47
Kingsknowe Road South, after, Lanark Road00:4801:48
Hailes Grove, after, Lanark Road00:4801:48
Spylaw Bank Road, before, Lanark Road00:4901:49
Spylaw Park, after, Lanark Road00:4901:49
Muirend Avenue, before, Lanark Road00:4901:49
Foulis Crescent, opp, Lanark Road00:5001:50
Juniper Green Kirk, opp, Lanark Road00:5001:50
Woodhall Drive, opp, Lanark Road00:5101:51
Baberton Avenue, opp, Lanark Road00:5101:51
Juniper Avenue, opp, Lanark Road00:5201:52
Muir Wood Road, opp, Lanark Road West00:5301:53
Nether Currie, opp, Lanark Road West00:5301:53
Bryce Road, opp, Lanark Road West00:5401:54
Easter Currie, opp, Lanark Road West00:5401:54
Currie Library, opp, Lanark Road West00:5501:55
Pentland View Court, opp, Lanark Road West00:5501:55
Dolphin Avenue, before, Lanark Road West00:5601:56
Kinauld House, at, Lanark Road West00:5601:56
Stewart Road, opp, Lanark Road West00:5701:57
Newmills Road, before, Lanark Road West00:5701:57
Lanark Road West, after, Bridge Road00:5801:58
Balerno High School, at, Bridge Road00:5901:59
Lovedale Road, after, Johnsburn Road00:5901:59
Clayhills Grove, before, Johnsburn Road01:0002:00
Crosswood Crescent, before, Cockburn Crescent01:0102:01
Highlea Circle, before, Cockburn Crescent01:0202:02
Whitlea Road, before, Cockburn Crescent01:0202:02
Greenfield Crescent, before, Cockburn Crescent01:0202:02
Cockburn Crescent, at01:0302:03

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