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1A Bus Route: AMBROSE AVENUE - GREENSTEAD with Stops and Timetable

This bus service is run by First Essex

Operator Details and Contact Information

Bus CompanyFirst Essex Buses Ltd
AddressFirst Customer Services South, Davey House, 7B Castle Meadow, Norwich NR1 3DE

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All outbound buses on this route travel from opp, Worthington Way, Ambrose Ave, Colchester to opp, Elm Crescent, Hickory Ave, Greenstead.


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Bus Timetable for the 1A - AMBROSE AVENUE - GREENSTEAD Route

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opp, Worthington Way, Ambrose Ave, Colchester23:15
adj, Rudsdale Way, Ambrose Ave, Colchester23:15
opp, Prettygate Shops, The Commons, Colchester23:17
o/s, Prettygate Library, Prettygate Rd, Colchester23:17
adj, All Saints Avenue, Prettygate Rd, Colchester23:18
opp, Hastings Road, King Harold Rd, Colchester23:19
adj, Wilkin Court, King Harold Rd, Colchester23:19
opp, Walnut Tree Way, Shrub End Rd, Shrub End23:20
adj, Winston Avenue, Shrub End Rd, Shrub End23:20
opp, Boadicea Way North, Shrub End Rd, Colchester23:22
adj, Capel Road, Maldon Rd, Colchester23:22
adj, Cambridge Road, Maldon Rd, Colchester23:23
adj, Ireton Road, Maldon Rd, Colchester23:24
adj, Creffield Road, Maldon Rd, Colchester23:25
N-bound, Maldon Road, Maldon Rd, Colchester23:26
Stop Eb, Head Street, Head St, Colchester City Centre23:28
Stop Gd, The George, High St, Colchester City Centre23:31
Stop Ha, Greyfriars, High St, Colchester City Centre23:32
o/s, The Surgery, East Hill, Colchester23:33
opp, Brook Street, East St, Colchester23:33
opp, Old Coach Road, Ipswich Rd, Colchester23:34
adj, St Andrews Gardens, St Andrew's Ave, Colchester23:35
adj, Fairfield Gardens, Harwich Rd, Colchester23:35
adj, Dilbridge Road, Harwich Rd, Colchester23:36
adj, Goring Road East, Harwich Rd, Colchester23:37
adj, Hazelton Road, Harwich Rd, Colchester23:37
adj, Bromley Road, Harwich Rd, Colchester23:38
o/s, Hazlemere School, Hawthorn Ave, Greenstead23:39
o/s, Sir Charles Lucas School, Hawthorn Ave, Greenstead23:39
opp, Library, Hawthorn Ave, Greenstead23:41
S-bound, Berberis Walk, Hawthorn Ave, Greenstead23:41
o/s, St Andrew's School, Hickory Ave, Greenstead23:41
opp, Elm Crescent, Hickory Ave, Greenstead23:43