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45 Bus Route: Billericay - Langdon Hills - Wickford with Stops and Timetable

This bus service is run by NIBSbuses

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Bus CompanyNIBSbuses Limited
AddressThe Coach Station, Bruce Grove, Shotgate, Wickford SS11 8BZ

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All outbound buses on this route travel from W-bound, Mayflower, Oakwood Dr, Billericay to o/s, Nelsons Coach Station, Bruce Grove, Shotgate.


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Bus Timetable for the 45 - Billericay - Langdon Hills - Wickford Route

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Days Service Runs

W-bound, Mayflower, Oakwood Dr, Billericay15:2515:25
opp, Bush Hall Stores, Stock Rd, Billericay15:2515:25
adj, Headley Road, Stock Rd, Billericay15:2615:26
opp, St John's School, Stock Rd, Billericay15:2815:28
o/s, The Chequers, B1007, Billericay15:3015:30
o/s, Boots, High St, Billericay15:3015:30
S-bound, Sun Corner, Laindon Rd, Billericay15:3215:32
opp, Laindon Common, Noak Hill Rd, Billericay15:3315:33
opp, Blackmore Farm, Noak Hill Rd, Great Burstead15:3415:34
adj, Church Street, Noak Hill Rd, Great Burstead15:3515:35
adj, Noak Hill Close, Noak Hill Rd, Great Burstead15:3515:36
opp, St Agnes Road, Noak Hill Rd, Great Burstead15:3615:37
S-bound, Old Fortune, Noak Hill Rd, Laindon15:3715:38
opp, Dunton Road, High Road North, Laindon15:3715:39
adj, Osier Drive, Willowfield, Laindon15:3815:40
adj, Sweet Briar Drive, Hornbeam Way, Laindon15:3915:41
S-bound, Upper Mayne, Basildon15:4315:46
W-bound, St Nicholas Lane, Basildon15:4415:48
opp, Pound Lane, St Nicholas Lane, Basildon15:4415:49
adj, Leinster Road, St Nicholas Lane, Laindon15:4515:49
opp, Basildon Drive, St Nicholas Lane, Laindon15:4515:50
opp, Laindon High Road, St Nicholas Lane, Laindon15:4515:50
o/s, Laindon Centre, High Rd, Laindon15:4615:51
opp, Durham Road, High Rd, Laindon15:4615:51
o/s, Great Berry Primary School, Forest Glade, Great Berry15:5115:57
o/s, Tesco Langdon Hills, B1036, Great Berry15:5515:59
adj, Hoover Drive, Durham Rd, Laindon15:5816:02
adj, Menzies Avenue, Durham Rd, Laindon15:5816:02
adj, Fraser Close, Durham Rd, Laindon15:5916:03
adj, Rowenhall, Durham Rd, Laindon15:5916:03
adj, Tillingham Green, Durham Rd, Laindon16:0016:04
opp, Wrexham Road, Durham Rd, Laindon16:0116:05
o/s, Police Station, Durham Rd, Laindon16:0116:06
opp, Samuel Road, High Rd, Langdon Hills16:0316:09
opp, The Triangle, High Rd, Langdon Hills16:0416:10
adj, Shelsley Drive, High Rd, Langdon Hills16:0516:11
opp, Victoria Avenue, Staneway, Langdon Hills16:0616:12
opp, Leysings, The Knares, Basildon16:0816:14
opp, Botelers, The Knares, Basildon16:0816:14
o/s, Castlemayne, The Knares, Basildon16:0916:15
opp, Rantree Fold, The Knares, Basildon16:0916:15
adj, The Knares, Nether Mayne, Basildon16:1016:16
Stand A, Bus Station, Southernhay, Basildon Town Centre16:1216:22
o/s, Asda Eastgate, Southernhay, Basildon Town Centre16:1216:22
o/s, Falkstead, Broadmayne, Basildon16:1416:24
E-bound, Church Road Foot Bridge, Broadmayne, Basildon16:1516:25
adj, The Fremnells, Broadmayne, Basildon16:1616:26
opp, Barstable School, Broadmayne, Basildon16:1816:28
opp, The Watermill, East Mayne, Basildon16:1916:31
adj, Cranes Farm Road, East Mayne, Basildon16:1916:33
opp, Sainsbury Store, East Mayne, Basildon16:2016:34
adj, Bromfords Farm, Nevendon Rd, Wickford16:2216:36
NE-bound, Tye Corner, Nevendon Rd, Wickford16:2316:36
adj, Bromfords Drive, Nevendon Rd, Wickford16:2416:38
opp, Park Drive, Nevendon Rd, Wickford16:2516:39
adj, Laburnum Avenue, Nevendon Rd, Wickford16:2616:39
N-bound, Halls Corner, Nevendon Rd, Wickford16:2716:40
o/s, The Swans, The Broadway, Wickford16:2916:45
opp, South Beech Avenue, Southend Rd, Wickford16:2916:46
opp, Wick Lane, Southend Rd, Wickford16:3016:47
adj, Highcliffe Road, Southend Rd, Wickford16:3016:47
adj, Alicia Avenue, Southend Rd, Shotgate16:3116:49
opp, Post Office, Southend Rd, Shotgate16:3216:50
adj, Fulmar Way, Hodgson Way, Shotgate16:3316:51
opp, Woodberry Way, Hodgson Way, Shotgate16:3416:51
opp, Hodgson Court, Hodgson Way, Shotgate16:3416:52
opp, Uxbridge Close, Hodgson Way, Shotgate16:3516:52
o/s, Nelsons Coach Station, Bruce Grove, Shotgate16:3616:53