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1 Bus Route: Ashford - Canterbury with Stops and Timetable

This bus service is run by Stagecoach South East

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Bus CompanyEast Kent Road Car Co Ltd
AddressSt. George's Lane, Canterbury CT1 2SY

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The majority of inbound buses on this route travel from Stop C, Park Street, Ashford to adj, Church, High Street, Wye. For example, the second most common route travels from Stop C, Park Street, Ashford to arrivals, Bus Station, Canterbury. Check the timetables below for further details.

All outbound buses on this route travel from adj, Church, High Street, Wye to Stop D, Park Street, Ashford.


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Bus Timetable for the 1 - Ashford - Canterbury Route

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adj, Matalan, Brookfield Road, South Ashford6:50
adj, Stour Close, Brookfield Road, South Ashford6:50
opp, Flaxpond Road, Brookfield Road, South Ashford6:52
opp, Arcon Road, Beaver Lane, South Ashford6:53
adj, The Beaver Inn, Beaver Road, South Ashford6:54
adj, B and Q, Norman Road, South Ashford6:55
Stop A, Designer Outlet and Asda, Kimberley Way, South Ashford6:57
Stop R, Ashford International Railway Station, Station Approach, Ashford7:01
Stop C, Park Street, Ashford7:05
Stop E, North Street, Canterbury Road, Ashford7:07
opp, Heathfield Road, Canterbury Road, Ashford7:08
adj, Bybrook Barn, Canterbury Road, Bybrook7:09
adj, Bybrook Road, Canterbury Road, Bybrook7:10
NE-bound, Penlee Point, Canterbury Road, Bybrook7:10
opp, Burton Road, Faversham Road, Kennington7:12
adj, Park Road, Faversham Road, Kennington7:12
opp, Upper Vicarage Road Post Office, Upper Vicarage Road, Kennington7:13
SE-bound, The Street, Kennington7:14
adj, Tritton Fields, The Street, Kennington7:14
opp, East Mountain Lane, Canterbury Road, Kennington7:15
opp, The Old Mill, Canterbury Road, Kennington7:15
adj, Mushroom Farm, Canterbury Road, Bilting7:21
adj, Stour Valley View, Canterbury Road, Bilting7:22
adj, Church Lane, Canterbury Road, Bilting7:23
opp, Village Hall, Ashford Road, Godmersham7:24
opp, Pope Street, Ashford Road, Godmersham7:26
N-bound, Bagham Lane, Chilham7:28
on, Felborough Close, Chilham7:29
adj, The Old Alma, Canterbury Road, Chilham7:31
opp, Shalmsford Street, Canterbury Road, Chartham7:35
adj, Kingfisher Place, Shalmsford Street, Chartham7:36
adj, Bolts Hill Corner, Shalmford Street, Chartham7:38
opp, Primary School, Shalmsford Street, Chartham7:38
adj, Arnold Road, Shalmsford Street, Chartham7:39
adj, Pomfret Road, Shalmsford Street, Chartham7:40
opp, The Local, The Crescent, Chartham7:41
opp, Pomfret Road, Shalmsford Street, Chartham7:43
opp, Arnold Road, Shalmsford Street, Chartham7:45
adj, Primary School, Shalmsford Street, Chartham7:47
opp, Bolts Hill Corner, Shalmsford Street, Chartham7:48
adj, The Hyde, Bolts Hill, Chartham7:49
adj, Old School, Parish Road, Chartham7:50
o/s, Surgery, Parish Road, Chartham7:52
NW-bound, Railway Station, Station Road, Chartham7:54
adj, Howfield Lane, Ashford Road, Chartham Hatch7:59
E-bound, Chalklands, Ashford Road, Thanington8:03
adj, Tonford Lane, Ashford Road, Thanington8:04
opp, Hollow Lane, Wincheap8:11
opp, York Road, Wincheap8:13
opp, Canterbury East Railway Station, Pin Hill, Canterbury8:16
arrivals, Bus Station, Canterbury8:19