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414B Bus Route: South Darenth - Horton Kirby - Dartford with Stops and Timetable

This bus service is run by Arriva Kent and Surrey

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All inbound buses on this route travel from adj, Gorringe Avenue, Prince Charles Avenue, South Darenth to Stop B, Home Gardens, Dartford.


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Bus Timetable for the 414B - South Darenth - Horton Kirby - Dartford Route

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adj, Gorringe Avenue, Prince Charles Avenue, South Darenth7:36
adj, Southdowns Church, Gorringe Avenue, South Darenth7:37
opp, The Jolly Millers, East Hill, South Darenth7:39
opp, Station Road, Horton Road, South Darenth7:40
adj, Village Hall, Horton Road, South Darenth7:41
SE-bound, Jacobs Lane, Horton Kirby7:42
adj, Churchill Road, Forge Lane, Horton Kirby7:43
opp, The Bull, Lombard Street, Horton Kirby7:44
adj, Millen Court, The Street, Horton Kirby7:48
opp, Jacobs Lane, Horton Road, Horton Kirby7:49
opp, Village Hall, Horton Road, South Darenth7:50
adj, Doctor's Surgery, Devon Road, South Darenth7:51
opp, Cedar Drive, Main Road, Sutton At Hone7:52
adj, Ship Lane, Main Road, Sutton At Hone7:53
adj, Balmoral Road, Main Road, Sutton At Hone7:54
adj, Primary School, Main Road, Sutton At Hone7:56
NW-bound, Sutton Corner, A225 Hawley Road, Sutton At Hone7:58
adj, Garden Centre, Hawley Road, Hawley8:00
adj, Shirehall Road, Hawley Road, Hawley8:01
adj, Hawley Manor, Hawley Road, Hawley8:03
opp, Claremont Cottages, Hawley Road, Wilmington8:05
adj, Warren Road, Hawley Road, Wilmington8:06
opp, Powder Mill Lane, Hawley Road, Wilmington8:07
adj, Sackville Road, Church Hill, Wilmington8:09
opp, Curates Way, Church Hill, Wilmington8:10
o/s, The Plough, High Road, Wilmington8:11
adj, Stores, High Road, Wilmington8:13
adj, Wilmington Academy, Common Lane, Wilmington8:15
opp, Dartford Motors, Heath Lane, Dartford8:26
adj, Havelock Road South, Shepherds Lane, Dartford8:30
adj, Somerset Road, Shepherds Lane, Dartford8:32
opp, Dartford Girls' Grammar School, Shepherds Lane, Dartford8:33
o/s, Dartford Boys' Grammar School, Shepherds Lane, Dartford8:35
E-bound, West Hill, Dartford8:36
adj, Priory Hill, West Hill, Dartford8:37
Stop B, Home Gardens, Dartford8:40