Timetable for the 788 - Paddock Wood - London Bus Route

Timetable for 788 - Paddock Wood - London Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Centaur Coaches (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 09/08/2021

bus timetable 788 Paddock Wood - London

Map Showing the Routes of the 788 Paddock Wood - London Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Paddock Wood - London Service

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Week Days - inbound

NotesAdvanced booking required, call 0208 300 3001Advanced booking required, call 0208 300 3001
Blackfriars Station, Stop A, ---17:0518:22
Cannon Street, Stop MB, ---17:1018:27
Fenchurch Street Station, Stop V, FENCHURCH STREET17:1718:33
West India Avenue, Stop C, ---17:3518:50
Bexley Black Prince, ->E, ---18:0519:10
Springwell Road, adj, Quarry Hill Road18:3419:35
Hangmans Hill, SW-bound, London Road18:3519:36
Bidborough Corner, S-bound, London Road18:3619:37
Birchwood Avenue, opp, London Road18:3719:38
The Fountain, opp, London Road18:3819:39
Sheffield Road, adj, London Road18:3919:40
Hythe Close, adj, London Road18:4019:41
Crendon Park, adj, Yew Tree Road18:4119:41
Yew Tree Road, SE-bound18:4219:42
Powder Mill Lane, just after, High Brooms Road18:4219:42
High Brooms Post Office, adj, High Brooms Road18:4319:43
High Brooms Railway Station, adj, North Farm Road18:4319:43
Silverdale Lane, opp, Upper Grosvenor Road18:4419:44
Queen's Road, opp, Upper Grosvenor Road18:4519:44
Grosvenor Bridge, adj, Upper Grosvenor Road18:4619:45
Park Road, opp, Upper Grosvenor Road18:4719:46
Grosvenor Road, Stop G18:4819:48
Royal Wells Park, opp, Mount Ephraim18:4919:49
Royal Wells Hotel, opp, Mount Ephraim18:5019:50
Travelodge, opp, Mount Ephraim18:5119:50
The Spa Hotel, opp, Langton Road18:5219:51
Rusthall Road, opp, Langton Road18:5219:51
Harmony Street, opp, Rusthall Road18:5319:52
Rusthall Grange, opp, Rusthall Road18:5419:53
Rusthall High Street, W-bound18:5519:54
The Boundary, adj, Longmeads18:5619:56
Asher Reeds, opp, Long Meads18:5719:57
Newlands, adj, Dornden Drive18:5819:58
Dornden Drive, adj, Langton Road18:5919:59
Tea Garden Lane, opp, Langton Road19:0020:01
Church, opp, Langton Road19:0120:02
Trinity Theatre, adj, Church Road19:0620:06
Carlton Road, adj, Calverley Park Gardens19:0820:07
Shandon Close, adj, Pembury Road19:0920:08
Sandhurst Road South, adj, Pembury Road19:1020:09
Swing Gates, NE-bound, Pembury Road19:1120:10
Blackhurst Lane, adj, Pembury Road19:1220:11
Seven Springs Cheshire Homes, adj, Pembury Road19:1220:11
Woodsgate Corner, E-bound, High Street19:1420:12
Mascalls Corner, after, Maidstone Road19:2220:18
Whites Corner, N-bound, Maidstone Road19:2320:19
Eastlands, adj, Maidstone Road19:2420:20

Week Days - outbound

NotesAdvanced booking required, call 0208 300 3001Advanced booking required, call 0208 300 3001
Eastlands, opp, Maidstone Road05:4506:28
Whites Corner, S-bound, Maidstone Road05:4606:29
Mascalls Corner, before, Maidstone Road05:4706:30
Church, adj, Langton Road06:0606:49
Tea Garden Lane, adj, Langton Road06:0706:50
Dornden Drive, opp, Langton Road06:0806:51
Newlands, opp, Dornden Drive06:0906:52
Asher Reeds, adj, Longmeads06:1006:53
The Boundary, opp, Longmeads06:1006:53
Rusthall High Street, SE-bound06:1106:54
Rusthall Grange, adj, Rusthall Road06:1206:55
Harmony Street, adj, Rusthall Road06:1306:56
Rusthall Road, adj, Langton Road06:1406:56
The Spa Hotel, adj, Langton Road06:1506:58
Travelodge, adj, Bishop's Down06:1606:59
Royal Wells Hotel, adj, Mount Ephraim06:1707:00
Royal Wells Park, adj, Mount Ephraim06:1807:01
Grosvenor Road, Stop I06:1907:02
Park Road, adj, Upper Grosvenor Road06:2007:03
Grosvenor Bridge, opp, Upper Grosvenor Road06:2107:04
Queen's Road, adj, Upper Grosvenor Road06:2107:04
Silverdale Lane, adj, Upper Grosvenor Road06:2207:05
High Brooms Railway Station, opp, North Farm Road06:2307:07
High Brooms Post Office, opp, High Brooms Road06:2407:08
Yew Tree Road, NW-bound06:2507:10
Crendon Park, opp, Yew Tree Road06:2607:12
Hythe Close, opp, London Road07:13
Sheffield Road, opp, London Road07:14
The Fountain, adj, London Road07:14
Birchwood Avenue, adj, London Road07:15
Bidborough Corner, N-bound, London Road07:17
Hangmans Hill, NE-bound, London Road07:19
Springwell Road, adj, Quarry Hill Road07:21
Bexley Black Prince, ->W, ---06:4607:51
Blackwall Lane, Stop MU, TUNNEL AVENUE07:3408:14
Cotton Street, Stop CO, COTTON STREET07:4008:22
Canada Square South, Stop J, CANADA SQUARE SOUTH07:4108:24
Columbus Courtyard, Stop E, ---07:4208:25
Leman Street, Stop OH, ---07:5608:39
The Tower Of London, Stop TA, TOWER HILL07:5708:40
London Bridge, Stop 49, ---08:0108:44
Blackfriars Station, Stop B, ---08:0708:50
Temple Avenue, ->W, ---08:1108:54
Temple, Stop O, ---08:1308:56
Banqueting House, Stop, ---08:1508:58
St James's Park Station, Stop SD, VICTORIA STREET08:1909:02
Marsham Street, Stop NS, HORSEFERRY ROAD08:2309:06
Tate Britain Millbank Millennium Pier, Stop R, MILLBANK08:2509:08

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.