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96 Bus Route: Chillenden - Dover with Stops and Timetable

This bus service is run by Stagecoach South East

Operator Details and Contact Information

Bus CompanyEast Kent Road Car Co Ltd
AddressSt. George's Lane, Canterbury CT1 2SY

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All inbound buses on this route travel from o/s, The Griffins Head, Griffin Hill, Chillenden to opp, Chamberlain Road, Northbourne Avenue, Tower Hamlets.

All outbound buses on this route travel from opp, Chamberlain Road, Northbourne Avenue, Tower Hamlets to opp, The Griffins Head, Griffin Hill, Chillenden.


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Bus Timetable for the 96 - Chillenden - Dover Route

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Days Service Runs

o/s, The Griffins Head, Griffin Hill, Chillenden7:37
adj, Village Hall, Easole Street, Nonington7:40
opp, The Royal Oak, Holt Street, Nonington7:41
adj, Telephone Exchange, Holt Street, Nonington7:42
adj, Railway Station, Holt Street, Snowdown7:44
before, Two Sawyers, Wick Lane, Woolage Green7:49
E-bound, Westcourt Lane Layby, Westcourt Lane, Shepherdswell7:53
o/s, Co-op, Eythorne Road, Shepherdswell7:55
adj, The Glen, Eythorne Road, Shepherdswell7:56
adj, Sibert's Close, Mill Lane, Shepherdswell8:01
adj, Millfields, Mill Lane, Shepherdswell8:01
opp, The Bell, Church Hill, Shepherdswell8:02
adj, The Carpenters Arms, Coldred Hill, Coldred8:05
opp, Old Park Barracks, Honeywood Road, Whitfield8:12
opp, Aspen Drive, Melbourne Avenue, Whitfield8:12
adj, Christ Church Academy, Melbourne Avenue, Buckland Valley8:13
adj, Natal Road, Melbourne Avenue, Buckland Valley8:14
adj, Auckland Crescent, Melbourne Avenue, Buckland Valley8:15
opp, Selkirk Road, Melbourne Avenue, Buckland Valley8:16
adj, Dunedin Drive, Melbourne Avenue, Buckland Valley8:16
opp, Winant Way, Green Lane, Buckland Valley8:17
opp, Buckland Bridge, Crabble Hill, Buckland8:18
before, Cherry Tree Avenue, Buckland Avenue, Buckland8:20
o/s, Charlton Primary School, Barton Road, Dover8:22
adj, Dover Girls' Grammar School, Frith Road, Dover8:23
opp, West Street, Tower Hamlets Road, Tower Hamlets8:26
opp, Goschen Road, Astor Avenue, Tower Hamlets8:28
opp, Chamberlain Road, Northbourne Avenue, Tower Hamlets8:30