Timetable for the G1 - Singlewell - Gravesend - Istead Rise - Meopham - Longfield Academy Bus Route

Timetable for G1 - Singlewell - Gravesend - Istead Rise - Meopham - Longfield Academy Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Brian Jones Coaches (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 03/04/2022 End Date: 22/07/2022

bus timetable G1 Singlewell - Gravesend - Istead Rise - Meopham - Longfield Academy

Map Showing the Routes of the G1 Singlewell - Gravesend - Istead Rise - Meopham - Longfield Academy Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Singlewell - Gravesend - Istead Rise - Meopham - Longfield Academy Service

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Week Days - inbound

NotesSchooldays onlySchooldays only
Longfield Academy, o/s, School Grounds14:1015:30
Brickfield Farm Close, opp, Main Road14:1015:30
Langafel School, opp, Main Road14:1015:30
New Barn Road, adj, Main Road14:1115:31
The Green Man, opp, Longfield Road14:1215:32
Monkreed Villas, adj, Longfield Road14:1215:32
Camer Corner, NE-bound, Wrotham Road14:1515:35
Denesway, opp, Wrotham Road14:1515:35
Norwood Lane, opp, Wrotham Road14:1615:36
Station Road, opp, Wrotham Road14:1715:37
Nash Bank, adj, Wrotham Road14:1915:39
Brookside Road, opp, Istead Rise14:2015:40
Shops, opp, Istead Rise14:2115:41
Littlecroft, adj, Flowerhill Way14:2115:41
Red Street, adj, New Barn Road14:2515:45
Hall Road, o/s 3114:2915:49
Northfleet School for Girls, opp, Hall Road14:3015:50
Cygnet Leisure Centre, adj, Hall Road14:3215:52
All Saints Church, opp, Perry Steet14:3315:53
The Rose, opp, Pelham Road South14:3415:54
Pelham Road Shops, opp, Pelham Road14:3515:55
Lennox Road East, opp, Pelham Road14:3515:55
Pelham Road Medical Centre, adj, Pelham Road14:3515:55
Barrack Row, Stop F14:3615:56
St George's Centre, nr, Church Street14:3715:57
West Street, E-bound, Crooked Lane14:3715:57
Clock Tower Harmer Street, S-bound, Harmer Street14:3915:59
Parrock Street, S-bound14:4116:01
The Grove, adj, Parrock Street14:4216:02
William Street, opp, Parrock Road14:4316:03
Constitution Hill, opp, Parrock Road14:4416:04
Echo Square, SE-bound, Parrock Road14:4516:05
Malvina Avenue, opp, Sun Lane14:4616:06
Kitchener Avenue, opp, Sun Lane14:4616:06
Elm Road, opp, Kitchener Avenue14:4816:08
Christian Fields Avenue, just after, Hawkins Avenue14:5016:10
Codrington Crescent, opp, Wilberforce Way14:5116:11
Scott Road, opp, Livingstone Road14:5116:11
Chichester Rise, adj, Livingstone Road14:5316:13
Livingstone Road, opp, Valley Drive14:5316:13
Stanley Crescent, opp, Valley Drive14:5416:14
Ifield Way, W-bound14:5616:16
Mackenzie Way Shops, opp, Mackenzie Way14:5716:17
Mackenzie Way, E-bound14:5716:17
Ifield Way, adj, Valley Drive14:5716:17
Stanley Crescent, adj, Valley Drive14:5716:17
Mike Spring Court, adj, Valley Drive14:5816:18
St Hilda's Way, opp, Valley Drive14:5916:19
St Patrick's Gardens, opp, Valley Drive14:5916:19
Winchester Crescent, adj, Valley Drive15:0016:20
Hillside Avenue, adj, Valley Drive15:0116:21
Lorton Close, opp, Valley Drive15:0216:22
Old Road East, E-bound15:0316:23
Lion Garage, NW-bound, Rochester Road15:0416:24
Abbey Road, adj, Rochester Road15:0416:24
St John's School, o/s, Rochester Road15:0416:24
Church Walk, adj, Milton Road15:0516:25
Albion Road, opp, Milton Road15:0616:26

Week Days - outbound

NotesSchooldays only
Albion Road, adj, Milton Road07:24
Church Walk, opp, Milton Road07:24
Milton Ale Shades, adj, East Milton Road07:25
Dickens Road, adj, Rochester Road07:26
Lion Garage, W-bound, Old Road East07:26
Old Road East, W-bound07:27
Lorton Close, adj, Valley Drive07:28
Hillside Avenue, opp, Valley Drive07:28
Winchester Crescent, opp, Valley Drive07:29
St Patrick's Gardens, adj, Valley Drive07:30
St Hilda's Way, adj, Valley Drive07:31
Livingstone Road, opp, Valley Drive07:31
Stanley Crescent, opp, Valley Drive07:32
Ifield Way, W-bound07:32
Mackenzie Way Shops, opp, Mackenzie Way07:33
Mackenzie Way, E-bound07:33
Ifield Way, adj, Valley Drive07:34
Stanley Crescent, adj, Valley Drive07:35
Chichester Rise, opp, Livingstone Road07:37
Scott Road, adj, Livingstone Road07:38
Codrington Crescent, adj, Wilberforce Way07:38
Mungo Park Road, opp, Wilberforce Way07:39
Christian Fields Avenue, just before, Hawkins Avenue07:40
Poplar Avenue, opp, Cedar Avenue07:40
Elm Road, adj, Kitchener Road07:41
Kings Drive, adj, Kitchener Avenue07:42
Sun Lane, before, Kitchener Avenue07:43
Malvina Avenue, adj, Sun Lane07:44
Echo Square, NE-bound, Sun Lane07:45
Constitution Hill, adj, Parrock Road07:46
William Street, adj, Parrock Street07:47
Parrock Street, S-bound07:49
Barrack Row, Stop G07:53
Pelham Road Medical Centre, opp, Pelham Road07:54
Lennox Road East, adj, Pelham Road07:54
Pelham Road Shops, o/s, Pelham Road07:55
The Rose, adj, Perry Street07:56
All Saints Church, adj, Perry Street07:56
Cygnet Leisure Centre, opp, Hall Road07:58
Northfleet School for Girls, adj, Hall Road08:00
Hall Road, opp 4908:01
Red Street, opp, New Barn Road08:05
Littlecroft, opp, Flowerhill Way08:08
Shops, adj, Istead Rise08:09
Brookside Road, adj, Istead Rise08:09
Nash Bank, opp, Wrotham Road08:10
Station Road, adj, Wrotham Road08:13
Norwood Lane, adj, Wrotham Road08:13
Denesway, adj, Wrotham Road08:14
Huntingfield Road, opp, Wrotham Road08:14
Monkreed Villas, opp, Longfield Road08:17
The Green Man, adj, Main Road08:18
New Barn Road, opp, Main Road08:18
Langafel School, adj, Main Road08:19
Brickfield Farm Close, adj, Main Road08:19
Longfield Academy, o/s, School Grounds08:20

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