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133 Bus Route: Chatham - Rochester - Strood - Cliffe with Stops and Timetable

This bus service is run by ASD Coaches

Operator Details and Contact Information

Bus CompanyAjit Singh Dosanjh
Telephone01634 726412
AddressNeptune Close, Medway City Centre Estate, Strood, Rochester ME2 4LT

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All outbound buses on this route travel from Stop A6, Waterfront Bus Station, Globe Lane, Chatham to o/s, The Six Bells, Buttway Lane, Cliffe.


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Bus Timetable for the 133 - Chatham - Rochester - Strood - Cliffe Route

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Days Service Runs

Stop A6, Waterfront Bus Station, Globe Lane, Chatham15:14
Stop A, Chatham Railway Station, Chatham bus/rail interchange, Chatham15:17
opp, St Bart's Hospital, New Road, Chatham15:20
adj, Jacksons Fields, New Road, Rochester15:21
Stop K, Star Hill, Rochester15:22
Stop N, Rochester Community Hub, Corporation Street, Rochester15:23
Stop E, Railway Station, Corporation Street, Rochester15:24
Stop P, Rochester Guildhall Museum, Corporation Street, Rochester15:25
Stop E, Canal Road, High Street, Strood15:27
Stop B, Post Office, North Street, Strood15:29
opp, St Mary's Road, North Street, Strood15:30
opp, Cecil Avenue, Cliffe Road, Frindsbury Extra15:30
adj, Slatin Road, Cliffe Road, Frindsbury15:32
adj, Clarendon Drive, Cliffe Road, Frindsbury15:32
adj, King Arthur's Drive, Cliffe Road, Frindsbury15:34
N-bound, Cliffe Road Top, Cliffe Road, Frindsbury15:34
adj, Lower Rochester Road, Brompton Farm Road, Frindsbury15:34
adj, Hawkenbury Rise, Lower Rochester Road, Frindsbury15:35
N-bound, Dillywood Lane, Lower Rochester Road, Wainscott15:36
opp, Mockbeggar Farm, Town Road, Higham15:37
o/s 9, View Road, Cliffe Woods15:39
adj, Woodside Green, View Road, Cliffe Woods15:40
opp, Primary School, View Road, Cliffe Woods15:41
N-bound, Cliffe The Station, Station Road, Cooling Street15:43
opp, Norwood Close, Church Street, Cliffe15:45
adj, Village Club, Church Street, Cliffe15:46
o/s, The Six Bells, Buttway Lane, Cliffe15:47