Timetable for the SD5 - Gosport - Havant Campus Bus Route

Timetable for SD5 - Gosport - Havant Campus Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by First Hants & Dor Ltd (licensed as First Hampshire and Dorset Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 08/05/2022 End Date: 28/05/2022

bus timetable SD5 Gosport - Havant Campus

Map Showing the Routes of the SD5 Gosport - Havant Campus Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Gosport - Havant Campus Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - outbound

Bus Station, Stop G07:5307:53
Police Station, Stop W, South Street07:5407:54
Creek Road, Stop U07:5507:55
Methodist Church, opp, Stoke Road07:5607:56
Waitrose, SW-bound, Stoke Road07:5707:57
The White Hart, adj, Stoke Road07:5807:58
Bury Road, adj, Gordon Road08:0008:00
Gypsy Queen, N-bound, Whitworth Road08:0108:01
Pelham Road, opp, Whitworth Road08:0208:02
Crossways, nr, The Crossways08:0408:04
The Glencoe, N-bound, The Crossways08:0508:05
Fieldmore Road, adj, Grove Road08:0608:06
Reeds Road, adj, Grove Road08:0708:07
Windsor Castle, opp, Grove Road08:0708:07
Priory Road, opp, Saint Thomas's Road08:0808:08
Ham Lane, opp, Elson Road08:0908:09
Elson Church, adj, Elson Road08:1108:11
Worthing Avenue, adj, Elson Road08:1108:11
Fort Brockhurst, NW-bound, Fareham Road08:1308:13
Brune Medical Centre, SW-bound, B3334 Rowner Road08:1308:13
Tichborne Way, opp, Rowner Road08:1508:15
Green Dragon, W-bound, Rowner Road08:1608:16
Rowner Crossroads, NW-bound, Rowner Road08:1808:18
Brading Avenue, nr, Rowner Lane08:2008:20
Bridgemary School, NW-bound, Wych Lane08:2108:21
Swan Court, nr, Wych Lane08:2408:24
Wych Lane BRT, NW-bound, Henry Cort Way08:2608:26
Hoeford BRT, NW-bound, Henry Cort Way08:3108:31
Palmerston Drive BRT, NW-bound, Henry Cort Way08:3208:32
Redlands Lane BRT, NW-bound, Henry Cort Way08:3308:33
Westley Grove, adj, Redlands Lane08:3508:35
The Avenue, nr, Redlands Lane08:3508:35
Fareham Station, Stop R, The Avenue08:3508:35
Station Roundabout, Stop S, West Street08:3608:36
Trinity Street, Stop U, West Street08:3708:37
Bus Station, Stop B, Access Road08:4208:42
Bath Lane, Stop W opp Bath Lane, East Street08:4608:46
Delme Arms, nr, Cams Hill08:4908:49
Birdwood Grove, SE-bound, Portchester Road08:5108:51
The Thicket, E-bound, Portchester Road08:5208:52
Beaulieu Avenue, opp, Portchester Road08:5308:53
The Seagull, SE-bound, Portchester Road08:5508:55
Westlands Grove, SE-bound, West Street08:5508:55
The Fairway, E-bound, West Street08:5608:56
Precinct, NW-bound, Castle Street08:5808:58
East Street, E-bound08:5808:58
Mother Kellys, E-bound, Southampton Road08:5908:59
Shorehaven, adj, Southampton Road09:0009:00
Watersedge, adj, Southampton Road09:0009:00
Racecourse Lane, E-bound, Southampton Road09:0209:02
Allaway Avenue, E-bound, Southampton Road09:0509:05
Wymering Lane, E-bound, Southampton Road09:0509:05
First Avenue, Stand K, Southampton Road09:0709:07
QA Steps, Stop E, Northern Road09:0809:08
Chalkridge Road, NE-bound, London Road09:0809:08
Cliffdale Gardens, NE-bound, London Road09:0909:09
The George, E-bound, Portsdown Hill Road09:1009:10
Farlington Avenue, E-bound, Portsdown Hill Road09:1109:11
Fort Purbrook, N-bound, Crookhorn Lane09:1309:13
Portsmouth Golf Course, nr, Crookhorn Lane09:1309:13
South Downs College, opp, College Road09:1609:16
College Road, opp, Purbrook Way09:1709:17
Hulbert Road, near, Purbrook Way09:1809:18
Willowdene Close, SE-bound, Hulbert Road09:1909:19
Newbarn Road, SE-bound, Hulbert Road09:1909:19
Jessie Road, adj, Hulbert Road09:2009:20
Scratchface Lane, S-bound, Hulbert Road09:2109:21
Lester Avenue, adj, Bedhampton Road09:2209:22
Brunswick Gardens, SE-bound, Bedhampton Road09:2309:23
James Road, NE-bound, New Road09:2509:25
Havant College, E-bound, New Road09:2609:26

Week Days - inbound

Havant College, W-bound, New Road16:3316:40
James Road, SW-bound, New Road16:3316:40
Ingledene Close, opp, New Road16:3416:41
Brunswick Gardens, NW-bound, Bedhampton Road16:3516:42
Lester Avenue, opp, Bedhampton Road16:3616:43
Scratchface Lane, N-bound, Hulbert Road16:3616:43
Jessie Road, opp, Hulbert Road16:3816:45
Newbarn Road, NW-bound, Hulbert Road16:3916:46
Hulbert Road, SW-bound, Purbrook Way16:4016:47
South Downs College, o/s, College Road16:4316:50
Portsmouth Golf Course, opp, Crookhorn Lane16:4516:52
Fort Purbrook, S-bound, Crookhorn Lane16:4516:52
Farlington Avenue, W-bound, Portsdown Hill Road16:4716:54
The George, W-bound, Unamed Slip Road16:4816:55
Cliffdale Gardens, SW-bound, London Road16:4916:56
Chalkridge Road, SW-bound, London Road16:4916:56
QA Steps, Stop D, Northern Road16:5116:58
First Avenue, Stand L, Southampton Road16:5216:59
Wymering Lane, W-bound, Southampton Road16:5317:00
Racecourse Lane, W-bound, Southampton Road16:5717:04
Watersedge, opp, Southampton Road16:5817:05
Shorehaven, opp, Southampton Road16:5817:05
Mother Kellys, W-bound, Southampton Road16:5917:06
Precinct, NW-bound, Castle Street17:0117:08
The Fairway, W-bound, West Street17:0217:09
Westlands Grove, NW-bound, West Street17:0317:10
The Seagull, NW-bound, Portchester Road17:0417:11
Beaulieu Avenue, W-bound, Portchester Road17:0417:11
Condor Roundabout, W-bound, Portchester Road17:0517:12
Birdwood Grove, NW-bound, Portchester Road17:0617:13
Down End Road, W-bound, Cams Hill17:0617:13
Delme Arms, opp, Cams Hill17:0817:15
Bath Lane, adj, East Street17:0917:16
Quay Street, Stop X, West Street17:1017:17
Bus Station, Stop L, Access Road17:1517:22
Fareham Station, Stop Q, The Avenue17:1917:26
The Avenue, adj, Redlands Lane17:1917:26
Westley Grove, opp, Redlands Lane17:1917:26
Redlands Lane BRT, SE-bound, Henry Cort Way17:2117:28
Palmerston Drive BRT, SE-bound, Henry Cort Way17:2217:29
Hoeford BRT, SE-bound, Henry Cort Way17:2417:31
Wych Lane BRT, SE-bound, Henry Cort Way17:2517:32
Swan Court, adj, Wych Lane17:2617:33
Rowner Crossroads, SE-bound, Rowner Road17:3117:38
Green Dragon, E-bound, Rowner Road17:3217:39
Tichborne Way, adj, Rowner Road17:3317:40
Brune Medical Centre, NE-bound, B3334 Rowner Road17:3417:41
Fort Brockhurst, SE-bound, Fareham Road17:3517:42
School Road, adj, Elson Road17:3717:44
Elson Church, E-bound, Elson Road17:3817:45
Ham Lane, E-bound, Elson Road17:3817:45
Priory Road, adj, Saint Thomas's Road17:3917:46
Windsor Castle, adj, Grove Road17:4017:47
Fieldmore Road, opp, Grove Road17:4117:48
The Glencoe, S-bound, The Crossways17:4217:49
Crossways, SE-bound, Forton Road17:4417:51
Pelham Road, adj, Whitworth Road17:4517:52
Gypsy Queen, S-bound, Gordon Road17:4617:53
Bury Road, in17:4817:55
The White Hart, opp, Stoke Road17:4917:56
Waitrose, NE-bound, Stoke Road17:5017:57
Methodist Church, nr, Stoke Road17:5117:58
Creek Road, Stop V, Walpole Road17:5217:59
Police Station, Stop X, South Street17:5318:00
Bus Station, Stop A17:5518:02

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.