Timetable for the 80 - Mere - Frome Bus Route
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Timetable for 80 - Mere - Frome Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by FromeBus (licensed as Frome Minibuses Ltd).

Start Date: 16/12/2019 End Date: 16/02/2020

bus timetable 80 Mere - Frome

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Gillingham -> Peacemarsh -> Colesbrook -> Milton on Stour -> Huntingford -> Mere -> Zeals -> Stourton -> Kilmington -> Norton Ferris -> Maiden Bradley -> Horningsham -> West Woodlands -> Tytherington -> Frome -> Keyford

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Frome -> Keyford -> Tytherington -> West Woodlands -> Horningsham -> Maiden Bradley -> Norton Ferris -> Kilmington -> Stourton -> Zeals -> Mere -> Huntingford -> Milton on Stour -> Colesbrook -> Peacemarsh -> Gillingham

Operator Information for FromeBus
Fares Twitter Address
01373471474 @FromeBus Georges Ground, Frome BA11 4RP

Map Showing the Routes of the 80 Mere - Frome Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Mere - Frome Service

Week Days - inbound




inside, Car Park, Frome, Somerset12:1513:45
SW-bound, Fire Station, Frome, Somerset12:1713:47
SW-bound, Somerset Road, Frome, Somerset12:1813:48
SW-bound, Manor Road, Keyford, Somerset12:1913:49
SW-bound, The Grove, Frome, Somerset12:2013:50
NW-bound, Sainsbury's Superstore, Frome, Somerset12:2213:52
adj, The Fox and Hounds, Tytherington/Somset, Somerset12:2613:56
SE-bound, Manor Farm, West Woodlands, Somerset12:2913:59
W-bound, Cock Road, Horningsham, Wiltshire12:3314:03
E-bound, The Common, Horningsham, Wiltshire12:3414:04
SE-bound, Hollybush, Horningsham, Wiltshire12:3514:05
S-bound, Post Office, Horningsham, Wiltshire12:3714:07
opp, Bus Shelter, Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire12:4114:11
S-bound, Bus Shelter, Norton Ferris, Wiltshire12:4414:14
W-bound, Brookside, Kilmington (Wilts), Wiltshire12:4614:16
NW-bound, Old Sawmill, Kilmington (Wilts), Wiltshire12:4714:17
W-bound, The Flats, Kilmington (Wilts), Wiltshire12:4714:17
opp, Bus Shelter, Kilmington (Wilts), Wiltshire12:4814:18
S-bound, Cloudlands, Kilmington (Wilts), Wiltshire12:4814:18
SE-bound, Home Farm, Kilmington (Wilts), Wiltshire12:4914:19
opp, Bus Shelter, Stourton (Wilts), Wiltshire12:5314:23
NE-bound, Chapel Lane, Zeals, Wiltshire12:5814:28
E-bound, Bramley Hill, Mere (Wilts), Wiltshire13:0214:32
opp, Pharmacy, Mere (Wilts), Wiltshire13:0314:33
S-bound, The Farm, Mere (Wilts), Wiltshire14:37
S-bound, Huntingford Turn, Huntingford (Dorset), Dorset14:38
S-bound, The Church, Milton on Stour, Dorset14:42
S-bound, War Memorial, Milton on Stour, Dorset14:42
S-bound, Shires Gate Roundabout, Colesbrook, Dorset14:44
opp, The Fire Station, Peacemarsh, Dorset14:44
opp, Wessex Way, Peacemarsh, Dorset14:44
S-bound, Wavering Lane, Gillingham (Dorset), Dorset14:45
SE-bound, Gillingham Station, Gillingham (Dorset), Dorset14:48

Week Days - outbound




SE-bound, Gillingham Station, Gillingham (Dorset), Dorset09:15
N-bound, Wavering Lane, Gillingham (Dorset), Dorset09:18
N-bound, The Fire Station, Peacemarsh, Dorset09:20
N-bound, Shires Gate Roundabout, Colesbrook, Dorset09:20
N-bound, War Memorial, Milton on Stour, Dorset09:22
opp, The Church, Milton on Stour, Dorset09:22
opp, Huntingford Turn, Huntingford (Dorset), Dorset09:24
S-bound, Turning Circle, Mere (Wilts), Wiltshire09:3013:05
W-bound, Bramley Hill, Mere (Wilts), Wiltshire09:3113:05
NE-bound, Chapel Lane, Zeals, Wiltshire09:35
E-bound, Bus Shelter, Stourton (Wilts), Wiltshire09:40
NW-bound, Main Road, Stourton (Wilts), Wiltshire13:11
NW-bound, Home Farm, Kilmington (Wilts), Wiltshire09:4313:12
N-bound, Cloudlands, Kilmington (Wilts), Wiltshire09:4413:12
o/s, Bus Shelter, Kilmington (Wilts), Wiltshire09:4413:13
E-bound, The Flats, Kilmington (Wilts), Wiltshire09:4513:13
SE-bound, Old Sawmill, Kilmington (Wilts), Wiltshire09:4513:13
E-bound, Brookside, Kilmington (Wilts), Wiltshire09:4513:13
opp, Bus Shelter, Norton Ferris, Wiltshire09:4813:15
N-bound, Bus Shelter, Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire09:5313:18
N-bound, Bath Arms, Horningsham, Wiltshire09:58
W-bound, Hollybush, Horningsham, Wiltshire10:01
N-bound, Post Office, Horningsham, Wiltshire10:04
W-bound, The Common, Horningsham, Wiltshire10:06
W-bound, Cock Road, Horningsham, Wiltshire10:06
NW-bound, Manor Farm, West Woodlands, Somerset10:1113:23
opp, The Fox and Hounds, Tytherington/Somset, Somerset10:1313:25
NW-bound, Sainsbury's Superstore, Frome, Somerset10:1813:30
NE-bound, The Grove, Frome, Somerset10:2013:31
NE-bound, Manor Road, Keyford, Somerset10:2113:32
NE-bound, Somerset Road, Frome, Somerset10:2113:32
inside, Car Park, Frome, Somerset10:2513:35

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.