Timetable for the 96A - Crimchard - Yeovil Bus Route

Timetable for 96A - Crimchard - Yeovil Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by South West Coaches (licensed as South West Coaches).

Timetable Start Date: 23/05/2022 End Date: 24/07/2022

bus timetable 96A Crimchard - Yeovil

Map Showing the Routes of the 96A Crimchard - Yeovil Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Crimchard - Yeovil Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - outbound

Boden Street, N-bound07:3016:00
Caraway Close, adj, Avishayes Road07:3416:04
The Drift, E-bound, A3007:3616:06
Wreath Turn, E-bound07:3616:06
Whatlet Turn, E-bound07:3716:07
Wildlife Park, NE-bound07:4016:10
Windwhistle Inn, adj, A3007:4216:11
Winsham Turn, E-bound07:4516:13
Travellers Rest, SE-bound, Chard Road07:5116:17
West Street, E-bound07:5416:19
Kings Arms, N-bound, Market Square07:5516:20
Furland Road, S-bound07:5816:23
Flaxfield Drive, adj, Furland Road07:5916:24
Severalls Park, W-bound, Severalls Park Avenue08:0116:26
Park View, NE-bound, Kithill08:0516:30
Seaborough View, opp, Kithill08:0516:30
Winyards View, E-bound08:0616:31
Shute Lake Lane, opp, Kithill08:0616:31
Crewkerne Railway Station, S-bound, Station Road08:0916:34
The Globe Inn, SE-bound08:1116:36
The White Swan, SE-bound, Middle Street08:1116:36
Manor Arms, NE-bound, Church Lane08:1516:40
Orchard View, N-bound, North Street08:1716:42
St. Monica, E-bound, A3008:1916:44
Portman Arms, NE-bound, High Street08:2216:47
Post Office, NE-bound, High Street08:2516:50
Yeovil Court Hotel, E-bound, West Coker Road08:2916:53
West Coker Road Roundabout, E-bound, West Coker Road08:2916:54
West Coker Road, E-bound08:3016:55
Wraxhill Road, NE-bound, West Coker Road08:3116:55
Post Office, NE-bound, West Coker Road08:3216:56
Windermere Close, NE-bound, West Coker Road08:3216:56
Kingston For Hospital, NW-bound08:36
Mudford Road, N-bound08:37
Yeovil College, N-bound08:38
Roping Road, SW-bound, Sparrow Road08:41
Yeovil Hospital, SE-bound, Kingston08:42
Hendford Surgery, N-bound, Hendford16:59
Denners, NE-bound, Hendford16:59
The Borough, E-bound, High Street08:4517:00
Bus Station, E-bound08:4817:02

Week Days - inbound

Bus Station, E-bound16:4519:30
Kingston For Hospital, NW-bound16:47
Mudford Road, N-bound16:49
Yeovil College, N-bound16:50
Roping Road, SW-bound, Sparrow Road16:51
Yeovil Hospital, SE-bound, Kingston16:52
Windermere Close, SW-bound, West Coker Road16:5719:34
Post Office, SW-bound, West Coker Road16:5719:34
Wraxhill Road, SW-bound, West Coker Road16:5819:35
West Coker Road, W-bound16:5819:35
West Coker Road Roundabout, W-bound, West Coker Road17:0019:36
Yeovil Court Hotel, W-bound17:0019:36
Post Office, SW-bound, High Street17:0519:40
Portman Arms, SW-bound, High Street17:0819:43
St Monica, W-bound, A3017:0919:44
Orchard View, SW-bound, North Street17:1119:46
Vicarage, N-bound, North Perrott Road17:1219:47
Manor Arms, S-bound17:1419:49
The White Swan, NW-bound, Middle Street17:1719:52
The Globe Inn, NW-bound, Middle Street17:1819:53
Crewkerne Railway Station, N-bound, Station Road17:2019:55
Shute Lake Lane, adj, Kithill17:2119:56
Winyards View, W-bound17:2219:57
Seaborough View, adj, Kithill17:2319:58
Park View, SW-bound, Kithill17:2419:59
Severalls Park, E-bound, Severalls Park Avenue17:2820:00
Flaxfield Drive, opp, Furland Road17:3020:02
Furland Road, N-bound17:3120:02
The Church, E-bound06:55
Langdons Cottage, SW-bound, Lower Street06:56
Broadshard Road Post Box, S-bound, Broadshard Road06:58
Bincombe Close, SE-bound06:59
Laburnham Crescent, E-bound, Ashlands Road06:59
Wadham School, SE-bound, Ashlands Road07:00
George Hotel, SW-bound, Market Square07:0517:3520:04
West Street, W-bound07:0517:3520:04
Travellers Rest, NW-bound, Chard Road07:0717:3720:06
Winsham Turn, W-bound07:1017:4020:09
Windwhistle Inn, opp, A3007:1117:4120:10
Wildlife Park, SW-bound, A3007:1317:4320:12
Whatley Turn, W-bound07:1517:4520:14
Wreath Turn, W-bound07:1617:4620:15
The Drift, W-bound, A3007:1617:4620:15
Caraway Close, opp, Avishayes Road07:1917:4920:18
Henson Park, opp, Avishayes Road20:19
Fire Station, adj, Avishayes Road20:19
East Street Tescos, W-bound, East Street20:20
St. Mary's Church, NW-bound20:23
Boden Street, N-bound07:2617:5620:25

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.