Timetable for the L7 - Llanelli - Yr Hendy Bus Route

Timetable for L7 - Llanelli - Yr Hendy Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by First Cymru (licensed as Owen Williams).

Timetable Start Date: 08/05/2022 End Date: 28/05/2022

bus timetable L7 Llanelli - Yr Hendy

Map Showing the Routes of the L7 Llanelli - Yr Hendy Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Llanelli - Yr Hendy Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Heol Llwynbedw, o/s 30, Maesderi09:5509:5513:4313:43
Maesderi, o/s 1709:5509:55
Bryngwili Road, nr 4509:5609:56
Tal-y-Coed, before, Pontardulais Road09:5609:56
Penybanc, nr, Pontarddulais Road09:5809:58
Nant-y-Gro, o/s 310:0110:01
Nant-y-Gro, o/s 1110:0210:02
Nant-y-Gro, o/s Phone Box, Yr Allt10:0210:02
Llwynifan, at10:0410:04
Old Mill Court, before, Heol Trosserch10:0410:04
Heol Trosserch, opp Church10:0510:05
Park Lane, adj 2910:0610:06
Co-op, o/s, Afon Road10:0710:07
Old Bridge, opp, Bridge Street10:0810:08
Ty Plas Isaf, after, Hendre Road10:0810:08
Heol Plas Isaf, after, Hendre Road10:0910:09
Brynhyfryd, opp, Hendre Road10:1010:10
Brynhyfryd Estate, o/s 137, Brynhyfryd10:1110:11
Brynhyfryd Estate, opp 80, Brynhyfryd10:1110:11
Brynhyfryd Estate, o/s 93, Brynhyfryd10:1110:11
Cleviston Park, before, Hendre Road10:1110:11
Swindon, nr, Penllwyngwyn Road10:1210:12
Cafe, after, Penllwyngwyn Road10:1210:12
Heol-y-Mynydd, before junct10:1310:13
Parc Richard, after 1110:1610:16
Penygraig Square, at, Penllwynrhodyn Road10:1610:16
Gardde, before, Penllwynrhodyn Road10:1710:17
The Joiners, after, Llwynhendy Road10:1810:18
Llwynhendy Shops, before, Llwynhendy Road10:1810:18
Heol Hen, o/s Llwyn yr Ynys10:1910:19
Ysgol-yr-Ynys, o/s, Ynys Las10:1910:19
Ynyslas, opp 53, Ynys Las10:1910:19
Maes-ar-Ddafen Shop, after, Maes-ar-Ddafen Road10:1910:19
Llwynhendy Surgery, before, Llwynhendy Road10:2010:20
White Lion, opp, Llwynhendy Road10:2010:20
Pemberton Lights, after, Llandafen Road10:2110:21
Morrisons, opp, Parc Pemberton10:2310:23
MacDonald's, after, Parc Trostre10:2510:25
Andrew Street, after, A48410:2910:29
Bus Station, Bay 4, Island Place10:3010:3014:0114:01

Week Days - outbound

Bus Station, Bay 7, Island Place09:3509:3513:0513:0515:2515:25
Andrew Street, after, A48413:0513:0515:2515:25
MacDonald's, after, Parc Trostre13:1013:1015:3015:30
Morrisons, o/s, Parc Pemberton13:1213:1215:3215:32
Pemberton Traffic Lights, before, Llandafen Road13:1313:1315:3315:33
Pemberton Lights, after, Pemberton Road13:1413:1415:3415:34
White Lion, after, Llwynhendy Road13:1413:1415:3415:34
Llwynhendy Shops, o/s, Llwynhendy Road13:1513:1515:3515:35
Heol Hen, o/s Llwyn yr Ynys13:1613:1615:3615:36
Maes-ar-Ddafen Shop, after, Maes-ar-Ddafen Road13:1613:1615:3615:36
The Joiners, o/s, Llwynhendy Road13:1713:1715:3715:37
Penllwynrhodyn Road, o/s 113:1813:1815:3815:38
Gardde, before, Penllwynrhodyn Road13:1813:1815:3815:38
Parc Richard, o/s 1213:2013:2015:4015:40
Heol-y-Mynydd, after junct13:2213:2215:4215:42
Cafe, o/s, Penllwyngwyn Road13:2213:22
Swindon, nr, Penllwyngwyn Road13:2313:23
Cleviston Park, after, Hendre Road13:2313:23
Brynhyfryd Estate, o/s 137, Brynhyfryd13:2513:25
Brynhyfryd Estate, opp 80, Brynhyfryd13:2613:26
Brynhyfryd Estate, o/s 93, Brynhyfryd13:2613:26
Brynhyfryd, adj, Hendre Road13:2713:27
Heol Plas Isaf, before, Hendre Road13:2713:27
Ty Plas Isaf, after, Hendre Road13:2813:28
Old Bridge, o/s, Bridge Street13:2813:28
Co-op, opp, Afon Road13:2913:29
Park Lane, before 113:2913:29
Heol Trosserch, o/s Church13:3013:30
Nant-y-Gro, o/s 313:3213:32
Nant-y-Gro, o/s 1113:3313:33
Llwynifan, at13:3513:35
Old Mill Court, before, Heol Trosserch13:3513:35
Penybanc, nr, Pontarddulais Road13:3813:38
Tal-y-Coed, after, Pontardulais Road13:3913:39
Heol-y-Parc, o/s 1313:4013:40
Maesderi, after, Heol-y-Parc13:4013:40
Heol Llwynbedw, o/s 413:4113:41
Heol Llwynbedw, o/s 2013:4213:42
Heol Llwynbedw, o/s 30, Maesderi09:5309:5313:4313:43

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