Timetable for the 35 - Newcastle - Chesterton Bus Route
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Timetable for 35 - Newcastle - Chesterton Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by D & G Coach & Bus (licensed as Rolling Solutions Ltd).

Start Date: 21/01/2019

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Springwood Road - Bus Station

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Newcastle Bus Station Dep. Stands - Springwood Road
bus timetable 35 Newcastle - Chesterton
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info@dgbus.co.uk 01782 332337 @DGBusOfficial Mossfield Road, Adderley Green, Stoke On Trent ST3 5BW www.dgbus.co.uk

Map Showing the Routes of the 35 Newcastle - Chesterton Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Newcastle - Chesterton Service

- inbound

No.Bus StopTimeTimeTime
1Bus Station,(Stand 4), Newcastle Town Centr10:1612:3114:01
2Merrial Street,(Stop B), Newcastle Town Centr10:1712:3214:02
3Sainsbury's,(Adj), Newcastle Town Centr10:2012:3514:05
4Castletown Grange,(Adj), Cross Heath10:2312:3814:08
5Lower Milehouse Lane,(Adj), Cross Heath10:2612:4114:11
6Brymbo Road,(Adj), Cross Heath10:2712:4214:12
7London Road,(Adj), Cross Heath10:2812:4314:13
8Bradwell Hospital,(Opp), Chesterton (Staffs)10:3112:4614:16
9Rowley Avenue,(Opp), Chesterton (Staffs)10:3112:4614:16
10Brittain Avenue,(Opp), Chesterton (Staffs)10:3212:4714:17
11Brutus Road,(Opp), Chesterton (Staffs)10:3612:5114:21
12Library,(Opp), Chesterton (Staffs)10:3912:5414:24
13Albert Street,(adj), Chesterton (Staffs)10:3912:5414:24
14Edensor Street,(Opp), Chesterton (Staffs)10:4012:5514:25
15Cross Street,(Opp), Chesterton (Staffs)10:4012:5514:25
16Ibstock Building Products,(adj), Chesterton (Staffs)10:4112:5614:26
17Watermills Road,(Adj), Crackley10:4112:5614:26
18Pear Tree Lane,(Opp), Crackley10:4212:5714:27
19Springwood Road,(Adj), Crackley10:4312:5814:28

- outbound

No.Bus StopTimeTimeTime
1Springwood Road,(Opp), Crackley09:1310:4312:58
2Pear Tree Lane,(Adj), Crackley09:1310:4312:58
3Watermills Road,(Opp), Crackley09:1410:4412:59
4Ibstock Building Products,(opp), Chesterton (Staffs)09:1410:4412:59
5Cross Street,(Nr), Chesterton (Staffs)09:1510:4513:00
6Edensor Street,(Adj), Chesterton (Staffs)09:1510:4513:00
7Albert Street,(opp), Chesterton (Staffs)09:1610:4613:01
8Library,(Adj), Chesterton (Staffs)09:1710:4713:02
9Brutus Road,(Opp), Chesterton (Staffs)09:2010:5013:05
10Brittain Avenue,(Adj), Chesterton (Staffs)09:2410:5413:09
11Rowley Avenue,(Adj), Chesterton (Staffs)09:2410:5413:09
12Bradwell Hospital,(Adj), Chesterton (Staffs)09:2510:5513:10
13Wolstanton Road,(opp), Dimsdale09:2610:5613:11
14London Road,(Opp), Cross Heath09:2810:5813:13
15Brymbo Road,(opp), Cross Heath09:2910:5913:14
16Castletown Grange,(Opp), Cross Heath09:3411:0413:19
17Hassam Avenue,(Opp), Cross Heath09:3611:0613:21
18Sainsbury's,(Opp), Newcastle Town Centr09:3711:0713:22
19Brindley Street,(Adj), Newcastle Town Centr09:3711:0713:22
20Bus Station,(Adj), Newcastle Town Centr09:4011:1013:25

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.