Timetable for the 294 - Kidderminster - Stourport - Hallow - Worcester Bus Route

Timetable for 294 - Kidderminster - Stourport - Hallow - Worcester Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Astons of Kempsey (licensed as Astons of Kempsey).

Timetable Start Date: 23/08/2021 End Date: 31/12/2022

bus timetable 294 Kidderminster - Stourport - Hallow - Worcester

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Kidderminster -> Foley Park -> Birchen Coppice -> Stourport-on-Severn -> Burlish Park -> Lickhill -> Areley Kings -> The Walshes -> Astley Cross -> Astley Burf -> Noutard's Green -> Frog Pool -> Shrawley -> Holt Heath -> Grimley -> Hallow Heath -> Hallow -> Little Eastbury -> Henwick Park -> St John's -> Worcester

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Worcester -> St John's -> Henwick Park -> Little Eastbury -> Hallow -> Hallow Heath -> Grimley -> Holt Heath -> Shrawley -> Frog Pool -> Noutard's Green -> Astley Burf -> Astley Cross -> The Walshes -> Stourport-on-Severn -> Lickhill -> Burlish Park -> Birchen Coppice -> Foley Park -> Kidderminster

Map Showing the Routes of the 294 Kidderminster - Stourport - Hallow - Worcester Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Kidderminster - Stourport - Hallow - Worcester Service

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Week Days - inbound

Crowngate Bus Station, Stand K, Angel Row, Worcester16:3317:40
Bull Ring, Adj, Henwick Road, St John's16:3717:44
Level Crossing, Northbound, Henwick Road, St John's16:3817:45
Westbourne Close, Adj, Henwick Road, St John's16:4017:47
Holywell Hill, Opp, Henwick Road, St John's16:4117:48
Himbleton Road, adj, Henwick Road, Henwick Park16:4317:50
Martley Road Junction, Adj, Henwick Road, Henwick Park16:4317:50
Horsford Road, opp, Hallow Road, Henwick Park16:4317:50
Riverview Close, Opp, Hallow Road, Henwick Park16:4417:51
City Boundary, opp, Hallow Road, Henwick Park16:4417:51
Parkfield Lane, adj, A443, Little Eastbury16:4517:52
Park Lane, adj, A443, Hallow16:4517:52
Crown Inn, Adj, A443, Hallow16:4617:53
Hallow C Of E Primary School, Adj, A443, Hallow16:4717:54
Moseley Turn, adj, A443, Hallow Heath16:4717:54
Grimley Turn, opp, Main Road, Grimley16:4917:56
Walton Lane, opp, Main Road, Grimley16:4917:57
Top Barn Farm, opp, A443, Holt Heath16:5117:58
Holt Turn, opp, A443, Holt Heath16:5217:59
Naunton Farm Turn, adj, A443, Holt Heath16:5218:00
Woodbury Park, Opp, A443, Holt Heath16:5418:02
Shrawley Rd Junction, opp, B4196, Holt Heath16:5418:02
Old School Nursery, Opp, B4196, Shrawley16:5818:06
Cottages, Adj, B4196, Shrawley16:5918:07
Telephone Box, opp, B4196, Frog Pool17:0018:08
New Inn, Adj, B4196, Noutard's Green17:0018:08
Bullhill Crossroads, Adj, B4196, Astley Burf17:0318:11
Ridleys Cross, Adj, B4194, Astley Cross17:0518:13
Astley Gardens, Opp, B4194, Astley Cross17:0518:13
Kings Arms Lane, opp, Pearl Lane, Astley Cross17:0718:15
King's Arms, opp, Red House Road, Astley Cross17:0718:15
Astley Cross, Opp, Redstone Lane17:0818:16
Princess Way, adj, Redstone Lane, The Walshes17:0918:17
Woodhampton Close, opp, Redstone Lane, The Walshes17:0918:17
Hanstone Road, Northbound, The Walshes17:1018:18
Queens Road, adj, Hanstone Road, The Walshes17:1018:18
Layamon Walk, Westbound, The Walshes17:1118:19
Windmill Bank 2, Opp, Hermitage Way, The Walshes17:1218:20
Swimming Pool, opp, Bridge Street, Stourport-on-Severn17:1318:21
High Street, adj, Stourport-on-Severn17:1518:23
Vernon Road, opp, Lickhill Road, Stourport-on-Severn17:1618:24
Park Avenue, opp, Lickhill Road, Stourport-on-Severn17:1718:25
Ribbesford Drive, adj, Lower Lickhill Road, Lickhill17:1918:27
Broomy Close, adj, Lower Lickhill Road, Lickhill17:1918:27
Garland Road, opp, Lickhill Road North, Lickhill17:2018:28
Lickhill Turn, Eastbound, Lickhill Road North, Lickhill17:2018:28
Burlish Crossroads, near, Burlish Crossing, Burlish Park17:2118:29
Kingsway, Southbound, Windermere Way, Burlish Park17:2118:29
Buttermere Road, adj, Windermere Way, Burlish Park17:2218:30
Coniston Crescent, adj, Windermere Way, Burlish Park17:2218:30
Derwent Avenue, opp, Windermere Way, Burlish Park17:2318:31
High School, adj, Windermere Way, Stourport-on-Severn17:2318:31
Windermere Way, adj, Minster Road, Stourport-on-Severn17:2418:32
Minster Road Fields, adj, Minster Road, Birchen Coppice17:2618:34
Walter Nash Road West, adj, Minster Road, Birchen Coppice17:2718:35
Industrial Estate, opp, Stourport Road, Birchen Coppice17:2818:36
Clee Avenue, adj, Stourport Road, Foley Park17:2918:37
Goldthorn Road, adj, Stourport Road, Foley Park17:2918:37
Reservoir Road, adj, Stourport Road, Foley Park17:3018:38
Foley Park, opp, Stourport Road17:3118:39
Worcester Road Island, Eastbound, Stourport Road, Kidderminster17:3218:40
New Road, Northbound, Kidderminster17:3318:41
Kidderminster Bus Station, Stand 10, Corporation Street, Kidderminster17:3418:42

Week Days - outbound

Kidderminster Bus Station, Stand 10, Corporation Street, Kidderminster07:0516:30
Town Hall, Stand C, Exchange Street, Kidderminster07:0516:30
Oxford Street, Stand A, Kidderminster07:0516:30
Worcester Road Island, Westbound, Stourport Road, Kidderminster07:0816:33
Foley Park, adj, Stourport Road07:1016:35
Goldthorn Road, opp, Stourport Road, Foley Park07:1016:35
Clee Avenue, opp, Stourport Road, Foley Park07:1116:36
Industrial Estate, adj, Stourport Road, Birchen Coppice07:1216:36
Walter Nash Road West, opp, Minster Road, Birchen Coppice07:1316:37
Crematorium, adj, Minster Road, Birchen Coppice07:1416:38
High School, opp, Windermere Way, Stourport-on-Severn07:1616:40
Derwent Avenue, adj, Windermere Way, Burlish Park07:1716:41
Coniston Crescent, opp, Windermere Way, Burlish Park07:1716:41
Buttermere Road, opp, Windermere Way, Burlish Park07:1816:42
opp Katrine Road, Windermere Way, Burlish Park07:1916:43
Lickhill Turn, Westbound, Lickhill Road North, Lickhill07:1916:43
Garland Road, adj, Lickhill Road North, Lickhill07:2016:43
Broomy Close, opp, Lower Lickhill Road, Lickhill07:2116:44
Ribbesford Drive, opp, Lower Lickhill Road, Lickhill07:2216:45
Park Avenue, adj, Lower Lickhill Road, Stourport-on-Severn07:2316:46
Vernon Road, adj, Lickhill Road, Stourport-on-Severn07:2516:47
York Street, NW bound, Stourport-on-Severn07:2716:49
Swimming Pool, adj, Bridge Street, Stourport-on-Severn07:2816:50
Windmill Bank, Adj, Dunley Road, Areley Kings07:3016:51
Windmill Bank 2, Adj, Hermitage Way, The Walshes07:3016:51
Layamon Walk, Eastbound, The Walshes07:3116:52
Queens Road, opp, Hanstone Road, The Walshes07:3216:53
Hanstone Road, Southbound, The Walshes07:3316:53
Woodhampton Close, adj, Redstone Lane, The Walshes07:3416:54
Princess Way, opp, Redstone Lane, The Walshes07:3516:55
Astley Cross, Adj, Redstone Lane07:3516:55
King's Arms, adj, Red House Road, Astley Cross07:3516:55
Kings Arms Lane, Adj, Pearl Lane, Astley Cross07:3616:56
Astley Gardens, opp, Commonside Lane, Astley Cross07:3816:58
Ridleys Cross, opp, B4194, Astley Cross07:3916:59
Bullhill Crossroads, opp, B4196, Astley Burf07:4017:00
New Inn, opp, B4196, Noutard's Green07:4317:03
Telephone Box, adj, B4196, Frog Pool07:4417:04
Village Hall, Adj, B4196, Shrawley07:4517:05
Shrawley Rd Junction, Adj, B4196, Holt Heath07:4917:09
Woodbury Park, Adj, A443, Holt Heath07:5017:10
Naunton Farm Turn, opp, A443, Holt Heath07:5117:11
Holt Turn, Adj, A443, Holt Heath07:5117:11
Top Barn Farm, adj, A443, Holt Heath07:5317:13
Walton Lane, near, Main Road, Grimley07:5417:14
Grimley Turn, Adj, unnamed road, Grimley07:5517:15
Moseley Turn, opp, A443, Hallow Heath07:5717:17
Hallow C Of E Primary School, Opp, A443, Hallow07:5817:18
Crown Inn, Opp, Hallow Road, Hallow07:5817:18
Park Lane, opp, A443, Hallow07:5917:19
Parkfield Lane, opp, A443, Little Eastbury07:5917:19
City Boundary, adj, Hallow Road, Henwick Park08:0017:20
Riverview Close, Adj, Hallow Road, Henwick Park08:0017:20
Horsford Road, adj, Hallow Road, Henwick Park08:0117:21
Martley Road Junction, Opp, Henwick Road, Henwick Park08:0117:21
Himbleton Road, opp, Henwick Road, Henwick Park08:0217:22
Holywell Hill, Adj, Henwick Road, St John's08:0417:23
Westbourne Close, Opp, Henwick Road, St John's08:0517:24
Level Crossing, Southbound, Henwick Road, St John's08:0717:25
Bull Ring, Eastbound, St John's08:0917:26
Crowngate Bus Station, Stand K, Angel Row, Worcester08:1717:32

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.