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3B Bus Route: Rose Hill - Matthew Arnold School with Stops and Timetable

This bus service is run by Oxford Bus Company

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All inbound buses on this route travel from N-bound, The Oval, Rose Hill to o/s, Matthew Arnold School, Arnolds Way, Elms Rise.

All outbound buses on this route travel from o/s, Matthew Arnold School, Arnolds Way, Elms Rise to N-bound, The Oval, Rose Hill.


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Bus Timetable for the 3B - Rose Hill - Matthew Arnold School Route

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Days Service Runs

N-bound, The Oval, Rose Hill7:15
adj, Dashwood Road, Ashhurst Way, Rose Hill7:16
adj, Spencer Crescent, Ashhurst Way, Rose Hill7:18
o/s, Rose Hill Parade, Rose Hill7:19
adj, Courtland Road, Rose Hill7:20
opp, Westbury Crescent, Rose Hill7:21
adj, Iffley Turn, Henley Avenue, Iffley7:23
NW-bound, Henley Avenue, Iffley7:24
adj, Freelands Road, Iffley Road, Iffley7:25
opp, Howard Street west, Iffley Road, Oxford7:27
opp, Magdalen Road west, Iffley Road, Oxford7:28
opp, Henley Street, Iffley Road, Oxford7:30
opp, James Street west, Iffley Road, Oxford7:31
NW-bound, The Plain, Iffley Road, Oxford7:34
Stop J3, Queens Lane, High Street, Oxford City Centre7:40
Stop L2, High Street, Oxford City Centre7:44
Stop H4, St Aldates, Oxford City Centre7:47
Stop P1, Police Station, St Aldates, Oxford City Centre7:48
opp, Whitehouse Road, Abingdon Road, Oxford7:50
opp, Newton Road, Abingdon Road, Oxford7:51
opp, Lake Street, Abingdon Road, New Hinksey7:52
opp, Lincoln Road, Abingdon Road, New Hinksey7:53
adj, Chatham Road, Abingdon Road, New Hinksey7:54
o/s, Canning Crescent, Abingdon Road, New Hinksey7:55
inside, Redbridge Park and Ride, Abingdon Road, Oxford7:57
SE-bound, Westminster Way, Botley8:11
nr, St Pauls Crescent, Finmore Road, Elms Rise8:12
opp, Laburnum Road Shops, Laburnum Road, Elms Rise8:14
W-bound, Lime Road, Elms Rise8:16
opp, Cedar Road, Arnolds Way, Elms Rise8:17
o/s, Matthew Arnold School, Arnolds Way, Elms Rise8:20