Timetable for the 731 - Ludlow - Tenbury Wells Bus Route
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Timetable for 731 - Ludlow - Tenbury Wells Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Yarranton Brothers (licensed as Yarranton Bros Ltd).

Start Date: 01/10/2019 - End Date: 23/12/2019

bus timetable 731 Ludlow - Tenbury Wells
Operator Information for Yarranton Brothers
Email Fares Address
info@yarrantons.co.uk 01584881229 Eardiston Garage, Eardiston WR15 8JL

Map Showing the Routes of the 731 Ludlow - Tenbury Wells Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Ludlow - Tenbury Wells Service

MondayToFriday - inbound

Notes Schooldays Only
W-bound, Cutmill Bridge, Eardiston (Worcs), Worcestershire07:34
Adj, Garage, Eardiston (Worcs), Worcestershire07:34
opp, Nags Head, Lindridge, Worcestershire07:36
Opp, Primary School, Lindridge, Worcestershire07:37
W-bound, Eastham Bridge, Eastham (Worcs), Worcestershire07:38
opp, Station Close, Newnham Bridge, Worcestershire07:40
opp, Caravan Park, Boraston, Shropshire07:45
opp, Hospital, Burford (Shrops), Shropshire07:51
opp, Regal, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire07:53
Adj, Swimming Baths, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire07:55
adj, Regal, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire08:00
opp, Rose and Crown Inn, Burford (Shrops), Shropshire08:03
adj, Gardens Junction, Burford (Shrops), Shropshire08:05
adj, Village Hall, Little Hereford, Herefordshire08:09
opp, Manor Corner, Brimfield, Herefordshire08:13
Adj, Salwey Arms, Woofferton, Shropshire08:15
opp, Junction, Ashford Bowdler, Shropshire08:18
adj, Village Hall, Ashford Carbonell, Shropshire08:21
adj, Crossroads, Ashford Bowdler, Shropshire08:24
opp, Kennett Bank, Ludlow, Shropshire08:26
opp, Charlton Rise, Ludlow, Shropshire08:26
adj, Manor Cottages, Ludlow, Shropshire08:27
adj, Police Station, Ludlow, Shropshire08:27
adj, Packer Court, Ludlow, Shropshire08:28
adj, Cooperative Store, Ludlow, Shropshire08:29
opp, Surgery, Ludlow, Shropshire08:30
opp, Railway Station, Ludlow, Shropshire08:31
adj, Tesco, Ludlow, Shropshire08:32
opp, Council Offices, Ludlow, Shropshire08:33
opp, Bridge, Ludlow, Shropshire08:33
adj, School, Ludlow, Shropshire08:34
adj, School Grounds, Ludlow, Shropshire08:35
opp, School, Ludlow, Shropshire08:35
adj, Bridge, Ludlow, Shropshire08:36
adj, Council Offices, Ludlow, Shropshire08:37
opp, Compasses Inn, Ludlow, Shropshire08:38
adj, Assembly Rooms, Ludlow, Shropshire08:40

MondayToFriday - outbound

Stops Schooldays Only
adj, School Grounds, Ludlow, Shropshire15:50
opp, School, Ludlow, Shropshire15:50
adj, Bridge, Ludlow, Shropshire15:51
adj, Council Offices, Ludlow, Shropshire15:52
opp, Compasses Inn, Ludlow, Shropshire15:53
adj, Assembly Rooms, Ludlow, Shropshire15:54
adj, Compasses Inn, Ludlow, Shropshire15:55
opp, Tesco, Ludlow, Shropshire15:56
adj, Railway Station, Ludlow, Shropshire15:57
adj, Surgery, Ludlow, Shropshire15:57
opp, Cooperative Store, Ludlow, Shropshire15:58
opp, Packer Court, Ludlow, Shropshire15:58
opp, Police Station, Ludlow, Shropshire15:59
opp, Manor Cottages, Ludlow, Shropshire16:00
adj, Charlton Rise, Ludlow, Shropshire16:00
adj, Kennett Bank, Ludlow, Shropshire16:01
opp, Crossroads, Ashford Bowdler, Shropshire16:03
adj, Village Hall, Ashford Carbonell, Shropshire16:06
adj, Junction, Ashford Bowdler, Shropshire16:09
Adj, Salwey Arms, Woofferton, Shropshire16:12
adj, Manor Corner, Brimfield, Herefordshire16:14
adj, Village Hall, Little Hereford, Herefordshire16:18
opp, Gardens Junction, Burford (Shrops), Shropshire16:22
adj, Rose and Crown Inn, Burford (Shrops), Shropshire16:25
opp, Regal, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire16:28
Adj, Swimming Baths, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire16:30
adj, Regal, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire16:31
adj, Hospital, Burford (Shrops), Shropshire16:32
adj, Caravan Park, Boraston, Shropshire16:36
adj, Station Close, Newnham Bridge, Worcestershire16:40
E-bound, Eastham Bridge, Eastham (Worcs), Worcestershire16:43
adj, Primary School, Lindridge, Worcestershire16:46
adj, Nags Head, Lindridge, Worcestershire16:47
opp, Garage, Eardiston (Worcs), Worcestershire16:49
E-bound, Cutmill Bridge, Eardiston (Worcs), Worcestershire16:50

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.